Driver injured in “road rage” accident dies

A driver who suffered serious injuries at the hand of a violent road rage incident on a Richmond roadway is now dead as a result. The offending driver remains at large, and is being pursued by local police.

NBC 12 is reporting that the driver injured in last month’s “road rage” accident on Powhite Parkway, Chris Lee Fisher, 24, has died as a result of the injuries sustained in the Sep. 22 accident. Police are still looking for the driver of the 2004 red Ford Ranger pickup. The truck was identified as having North Carolina tags, YNM-8924. Anyone with information about the truck is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 804.780.1000.



Road rage causes “life-threatening injuries” for one; police still look for suspect

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  1. Jeff E. on said:

    This is just sad but I don’t understand… have they contacted the owner of this vehicle or not? You have a license plate number so I can’t imagine it being all that difficult to find out who it is registered to.

  2. Elizabeth on said:

    As others have stated, why can’t they find the driver of the truck. License plate registration require you have the name of the vehicle owner. This is very sad, and I had just driven this same path not a half hour earlier that same morning. We need to keep in mind that many of us do not know the facts regarding what happened. However, there is something that we are not being told about the other driver.

  3. This is so sad. I think this hits very close to home since it could have been any of us. What a waste. I don’t know if this qualifies as homicide or simply manslaughter. Do we know the name of the victim?

  4. Roger Talbott on said:

    It does seem bizarre that the driver of said truck would still be at large. One would think that this mystery could be solved by a phone call to the NCDOT. Get a name, address, then road trip down to N. Cakalacky to put the heat on this joker. WWESD?

  5. He’s probably scared and on the run. I’m surprised it’s taken so long, but I’m guessing his remaining days of freedom are numbered.

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