Developers dish on what’s behind Scott’s Addition’s rapid growth

Panelists from a number of development companies delve into what’s driving the neighborhood’s redevelopment.

On November 18th, the Greater Richmond Association for Commercial Real Estate held a panel on the growth of Scott’s Addition, with noted panelists including Lion’s Paw Development owner Charlie Diradour, Rob Hargett of The Rebkee Co., and Scott Coleman of Crossroads Development Inc.’s Phil Riggan has an excellent in-depth look at what’s behind the massive growth of what was once simply a warehouse district–Scott’s Addition.

Says Riggan of Scott’s Addition:

One of Richmond’s hottest areas for redevelopment is located within a three-mile radius of more than 100,000 people, centrally located and accessible by all modes of transportation. It is packing in young residents and growing in an area that has traditionally be reserved for industrial warehouses.

With a developing retail and business corridor along Summit Avenue including Lamplighter Roasting Company, Health Warrior, Isley Brewing Company, and Richmond Bicycle Studio, plus new restaurants like SUPPER (adjacent to sister restaurant LUNCH) and Ardent Craft Ales, the neighborhood is coming into its own and developing a real sense of community.

Having lived in Scott’s Addition myself for the past year and a half, the changes have been stark and welcome in this short period. It’s awesome to be in on the ground level of this neighborhood’s rebirth and witness it firsthand.

More and more often, I find myself hanging out at neighborhood spots rather than leaving for the Fan or Museum District throughout the week, and I have no doubt that trend will continue.

Redevelopment in Scott’s Addition has no doubt been piecemeal. Block by block, building by building though, blighted buildings are coming to life, windows are lighting up at night, and the neighborhood is coming to life.

Hopefully, though, infrastructure improvements will follow–roads need repaving badly, sidewalks are crumbling where they even exist at all, and more street lighting is needed.

Check out Riggan’s full recap of the panel discussion and thoughts from developers on what’s spurring the tremendous growth of this scrappy, upcoming Richmond neighborhood.

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  1. I’d love to see the city devote some more energy and money to the basics, like making sidewalks inviting and walkable (and present where they aren’t), planning bike accommodations, providing lighting and good trees. That is needed in Scott’s Addition but also in other areas attracting new residents like downtown and the Bottom. I think our planners sometimes take the growing appeal of these areas for granted. The things I’m suggesting should get more emphasis are not sexy, big development projects, but they will make a big difference over the long run.

  2. Robert on said:

    I used to live there in the late 90’s. There were still long term residents who shared memories of horse drawn ice wagons from the forties and at night the streets were empty and quiet except for the eternal lone drug guy at marshall and summit and the occasional warehouse alarm that might wail for hours. The few small houses were cheap, 30 or 40 grand, and even long term Richmonders all but needed a map to understand where it was. I guess it’s all acres of granite counter tops and young digital natives lolling about in lofts and lugging growlers and waxing poetic on twitter. Kinda of glad I split for south side.

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