What? Those ARE our alternative ideas.

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Chris OBrion

Chris OBrion is an artist, designer, and cartoonist. He has been a staff artist at daily newspapers in three different states and currently works out of Richmond, his hometown. You can check out more of his work at chrisobrion.com.

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  1. If you like this then you will like the Only Conservative in Virginia’s 7th District for Congress Floyd Bayne – http://floydbayne.com

  2. Or you could choose Rick Waugh, 7th District Democratic Candidate, “Citizen Legislator”

  3. Yawnnnn. More thoughtless liberal propaganda. Time for a new cartoonist, rvanews.

  4. Liberty on said:

    Eric Can-tore Liberals a new A-hole, now thats funny…IMHO

  5. Hugh Jarse on said:

    Funny-“Liberty” isn’t exactly a word I’d associate with the GOP.

  6. Isalmo-fascist on said:

    Hugh: Liberty is a fairly well-known RVA-Blogs troll…

  7. Liberty is exactly right, though. This is like a cheesy water cooler joke: “Cantor? More like CAN’Tor! Hahaha! I’m hilarious!” Dig a little deeper. Graphically as well.

  8. That’s not even getting into the validity of the point of the thing, which is sketchy at best.

  9. Chris OBrion on said:

    I usually compensate for my shallowness with my cheesiness.

  10. so what exactly does Cantor, um, “stand for”?

  11. Hugh Jarse on said:

    @BOPST: Hair gel. Lots of hair gel.

  12. Agreed, but what are Cantor’s innovative legislative ideas? Do tell…

  13. that’s what I thought…

  14. Oh right, Bopst, please talk shit. BC you write a column that nobody gives a shit about.
    In other news, feel free to research Cantor’s site, his blog, his wikipedia (for more objective research), or his vote record for easy fun!

    It’s a purely liberal time in history. Other than object to our pure burial, it’s kind of useless to propose much.

    But I get how it’s easier to make simpleton jokes instead. Please, Proceed…

  15. Scott Burger on said:

    Cantor believes Israel is the U.S.’s “battleship in the Middle East” – yes, he said that.

    He loves corporate welfare, especially in the defense budget, and he loves receiving corporate campaign donations.

    He’s a ‘Young Gun’ Republican who says he is conservative but is really quite radically stupid in his issues, very much like G.W. Bush.

  16. @Wolf: Sorry. I know I am worthless . Still, as a registered independent, I am all ears to hearing compelling reasons why I should cast my vote for Cantor. I’ve been to Cantor’s site and-let’s be honest- it is (like every other politician’s site) pretty much a fluff job. Hearing your (and anybody else’s) rational for Cantor would be the best way to earn my vote…

  17. Liberty on said:

    Cantors basic ideology of limited govt., individual rights, capitalism, and freedom is far superior to any liberal big govt. luving, socialist, group rights mentality…but some people are slavishly inclined

  18. Scott Burger on said:

    Limited government? C’mon, Liberty, you have to be kidding.

    Take a look at his ridiculous National Council for a New America, which violated ethics laws that prohibit mingling policy staff with political work.

    Take a look at his past votes in favor of big oil and coal- bills that authorized a $25.7 billion tax break over a 10-year period. The tax breaks included $11.9 billion to promote oil and gas production, $2.5 billion for “clean coal” programs, $2.2 billion in incentives for alternative motor vehicles, and $1.8 billion for the electric power industry and other businesses. The bills included an $18 billion loan guarantee for a natural gas pipeline from Alaska. The bills called for producers of Ethanol to double their output. Cantor’s bills protected makers of the gasoline additive and worldwide pollutant MTBE from liability (Hello local company Ethyl Corporation, aka Afton Chemical).

  19. Hugh Jarse on said:

    Does voting to Constitutionally define marriage as 1 man + 1 woman fall under “limited govt” or “individual rights” or “freedom”? Or what about his unfettered support for the financial bailout (and the hissy-fit he threw when round #1 didn’t pass)? Was that capitalism? Because when a similar action was applied to the auto industry, I was told it was Godless Communism.

    Cantor stands for hair gel, TV time and donations, donations, donations. To suggest otherwise is ignorant.

  20. @liberty: Yes, I am familiar with those catch phases. Can you give me something a little more substantive?

  21. Liberty on said:

    @bopst: “catch phrases”…”more substantive” lol i guess you forgot how excited you got about “hope and change” come on man try to be consistent in your beliefs. BTW Capitalism isnt a “catch phrase” its the greatest system for social organization man has yet to devise, much better for free People than your beloved socialism…

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