VMFA named one of the top 20 museums in America

The rankings were compiled from Yelp reviews, with the results published by USA Today.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is no doubt a local treasure and brings in hundreds of thousands of people annually through unique exhibitions. This notoriety extends outside of Richmond, according to a ranking put together from Yelp ratings.

From USA Today:

For travelers, the best thing about reader review sites is how they surface the collective wisdom of the crowd, vs. the subjective opinion of a single author.

This is clear in Yelp’s new rankings of the USA’s top-ranked museums. No. 3 on the list is one of the world’s biggest and best, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. But it’s topped in Yelp’s five-star ratings by a military museum in Virginia and a modern art museum in Kansas City.

Read the full article here.

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Trevor Dickerson

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