Video Fan Forever fundraising round two

There are a bunch of signed John Waters items to be had.

Some you may remember round one in which Video Fan was working towards establishing themselves as a self-sufficent non-profit purveyor of videos. The goal of non-profit status was reached but the self-sufficent part has fallen a little short. This shortfall and a bunch of left over give away items from round one have given birth to round two.
From Indiegogo:

Back during the Kickstarter campaign, we promised we’d never do another Kickstarter. It’s a promise we intend to keep. But there’s one thing we didn’t count on. We have so many cool things left over from that campaign. T-shirts, art prints, buttons and stickers. Plus! There’s all this great new stuff we’ve acquired over a year of fundraising activity. More shirts, more prints, and also signed DVDs from The Great Southern and from John Waters’ appearance at the Byrd Theatre.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned that we really like having the Dollar Board programmed by Video Fan supporters. More importantly, our customers like it, too. We want the tradition to continue, but the current list of sponsors has almost run out.

And so, a new idea: Indiegogo. A campaign that allows us to make these items available to you. A campaign that kicks off fundraising for 2016 and provides you with a tax-deductible receipt. A campaign with a goal and a timeline, sure, but one in which you can also get some cool VF stuff while knowing any money you donate will go toward the operating costs of the nonprofit whether or not we hit the grand total.

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