Valentine’s Day by the neighborhood

Looking for a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day in your very own neighborhood?

Hills and Heights

Take your significant other for a lovely walk around Forest Hill Park making sure to visit the lake. You’re smart so you’ll have packed some Chocolates by Kelly to share. You can stick to paved paths or go Lewis & Clark, Louise & Clark, or Louise & Clarice by carving your own path back up Reedy Creek. With the snow and ice, you may want to avoid this unless you’re a paramedic looking to impress with your bone setting skill. If your date is happening on Friday or Saturday end it at Crossroads for wine, beer, dessert, and music.

Bonus: if you live in the area, locals can start gossiping about you and your date right away.

Byrd Park

The temptation is take the Hills and Heights suggestion from above and replace the words “Forest Hill Park” with “Maymont,” but I’m not quite that lazy. Walk around Swan Lake, and do your best impersonation of a swan or goose. After you’ve impressed with your bird moves meander across the bridge to Lamplighter for a warm up.

West of Boulevard News

The easiest of the bunch because the VMFA is currently hosting an exhibit that appeals to everyone on the planet (until February 17th). If you don’t know what would appeal to your date…now is probably the time to find out. After some culture you’ve got a few options, but the easiest would be Amuse for drinks. Another strong choice would be to take the short walk over to Viceroy and sit at the bar with some appetizers.

Fan of the Fan

Rather than bounce around various bars, which shows no serious effort or planning, get creative, literally. Check out the schedules for the Visual Arts Center and Studio Two Three. Pick a class and get your art on. After art head to Bellytimber to compare your creative efforts over an excellent beer or two and pizza. Order the Spicy Samoan, whether or not your date likes pineapple on a pizza tells you a lot about their inner workings.

North Richmond News

Is there anything cuter than a puppy or a kitten? How about 30 – 40 puppies and kittens? Spend some time at the Richmond SPCA giving some homeless critters a scratch or two. This can be a dangerous maneuver as it could bring up discussion of the future and sharing a pet or even lead straight into the “what about kids” black hole. Avoid this at all cost by talking to the animals. After you’ve overloaded on cuteness get yourself to Hardywood.

Bonus advice: Unless you’ve discussed it thoroughly with the recipient and are willing to take responsibility if it goes south, don’t give a puppy or kitten as a gift.

Shockoe News

Nothing says romance quite like an 18th Century Poet who died in the gutter. Hit up the Poe Museum, but resist the urge to bust out your own poetry unless of course you’re married, and then all bets are off. Walk up the hill a bit to Penny Lane to shoot a few games of pool or throw darts upstairs. If you run into someone with an English accent, once again all bets are off, and you might be going home alone. Good thing you’re in a pub.

East End Daily

What’s so romantic about pie? Oh, how about EVERYTHING! It’s sweet or savory, filled with wonderful things, and easy to share–just like your significant other? I guess? Anyway, spend Valentine’s Day making the East End Pie Circuit: Sub Rosa, WPA Bakery, and Proper Pie. Once you’re stuffed to the brim with delicious fillings and flakey crusts, head down to the end of Grace Street and look out (romantically) over the RVA skyline.

Near West End News

I’ll just put this right here…

Greater Jackson Ward News

If you haven’t made Valentine’s Day dinner reservations yet, you may be screwed (although thin-skinned snowophobes may leave some last-minute openings, but no guarantees). I say, the heck with dinner! Valentine’s Day pub crawl for all! There are plenty of boozy options in the Greater Jackson Ward area for you to take advantage of–try to catch ’em all!

Maybe hit up a theater-type thing while you’re in the area.

— ∮∮∮ —

We’d love to hear your neighborhood Valentine’s Day ideas, too! Leave them in the comments below.

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