Tom Hanks at Mamma Zu

Celebrity spotting.

Tom Hanks is in the area filming  “Ithaca,”  which is being directed by actress Meg Ryan. No word at this time on what Mr. Hanks had for dinner.

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Richard Hayes

When Richard isn’t rounding up neighborhood news, he’s likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest craft beer.

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  1. Rocket J. Squirrel on said:

    After that, did he go to Nordstrom’s and Kroger’s?

  2. Dorthula Rae Bobb on said:

    Looked like he ate some kind of fish with prunes.

  3. Gypsy on said:

    Do you think the staff was as rude to him as they are to us nobodies?

  4. Joe Banks on said:

    I think Richmond should aspire to be the city where people with name recognition can just be themselves and not be gushed on and mobbed everywhere they go. Not that there’s nothing wrong with saying “Hey, Tom Hanks was at Zu’s last night.” That’s entirely appropriate for a local news site or a Facebook page. I mean the rest of us need to recognize the negatives of the celebrity culture, respect their privacy, and let them them chill out if they want want to be regular people for awhile.

  5. Jacob K on said:

    I agree Joe Banks. Looking on is one thing. Interrupting someone’s meal by either addressing them or taking pictures is just rude. Tom Hanks does a great job of handling it though and seems to have a great character.

  6. Taryn on said:

    If you like Italians and food, Richmond’s hottest italian restaurant is MAMMA ZU. Located on the hood rat side of Oregon hill… this place has everything: a bitchy hipster host named Dave, tiramisu so soaked in booze it’s how you will get drunk for the first time on your 10th birthday, and Zombie Tom Hanks…

  7. Har har on said:

    Did anyone else pick up on the fact that Tom Hanks has his middle finger extended?

  8. Tim L. on said:

    Gypsy – LOVE your comment…made me LAAAAUUUUGGGHHH out loud…Most evenings, the wait staff and managers at MZ can be really arrogant, unprofessional sons of (you know what) to diners who are not regulars…For me, the negative service experience frequently overshaddows some decent food presentations…so that’s why I don’t go as often as I might…

  9. This place is a “dump” The service was so poor, we left and went to Italian Delight! The food was good and reasonably price and the service was outstanding!

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