TIP! See every single mural!

People put a lot of time in to all those dang murals, the least you could do is spend a day biking around looking at them all.

Have you ever worried that if you attempted to see all of Richmond’s murals you’d get lost along the way and then spend the rest of your life living in the sewer, honing your ninja skills, and living off of pizza? If so, you should definitely check out Richmond Mural Project’s extremely comprehensive mural map.

There are a ton of murals, y’all! And, just looking at the aforelinked map, I think you could put together a pretty neat bike route that would take you past each and every one of them.

Slight caveat! Every mural in Richmond is not a Richmond Mural Project mural, and as such will not show up on this map. There are a bunch of independent works, and the butt-ton of murals at the GRTC Bus Depot and down by the canal are the result of two Richmond Street Art Festivals. Both of the later locations, however, would sure be easy to include in my hypothetical bike route. So include them!

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