TIP! Watch all your stories from deep within a no-internet cave

Internet connection be damned! You must and will be entertained!

Yesterday, Amazon dropped an update to their Instant Video app that allows iOS and Android users to download video for offline viewing. What you could once only stream with a strong–and unlimited–internet connection, is now available whenever and wherever you want (as long as you download it beforehand).

Sure wish this would have existed last week during my 8-hour drive back from the beach! I could have squelched the constant drone of “are we home yet”1 with the sweet, sweet sounds of Space Jam. Amazon’s collection isn’t as expansive as Netflix’s, but it’s still plenty deep and will easily get you through the next internet-free period of your life (may it be short lived).

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

And remember, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber (which you probably already are) to take advantage of Instant Video.

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  1. I had no idea this was an actual thing children did in a car! 
  2. The incredible show, not the garbage M. Night film. 
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