TIP! Jeans should never be wasted

Jeans can keep people warm. Like, in their HOUSE. Here’s how to score $20 by helping out.

The man who invented blue jeans (Jacob Davis, 1871) surely did not intend them to be ubiquitous. It’s super weird if you think about it–we all have these pairs of pants, they’re mostly blue, we wear them like neutrals. Man, are you looking for the “blue jean” Wikipedia page right now?. It’s fascinating!

Denim can be used for things other than accentuating your curves or whatevs. Blue Jeans Go Green is doing the noble work of picking up our castoffs (and if you believe any fashion magazine, we cast them off monthly as trends change) and turning them into home insulation. 

Awha!? I know! You thought they were just turning them into impossibly short cutoffs for the dang teens! 

Your tip for today is that you can take the old jeans that have been sitting around in the back of your closet, feeling sad, and wishing they were somewhere else and…stuff them into someone’s wall. Wait, let me start over.

Your tip for today is that you can bring in your old jeans to Madewell and get $20 off a new pair. AND YOU CAN DO IT ONCE PER DAY. They’re partnering with Blue Jeans Go Green and you’ve got through the end of the year to take advantage. That’s pretty neat!

Here’s all the info.

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