TIP! Drinking at the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remember when Movieland opened (that’s Bow Tie to those of you who enjoy calling things by their parent company names), and we were all seduced by the idea of drinking in a movie theater?

“They serve beer and wine!” we said to each other as we clung together, scarcely believing our good luck. “Beer! And wine!”

You know the rest–our hopes were dashed when we swarmed the lobby on opening night and felt cold reality begin to dawn. Just a roped-off little café area. There will be no drinking WITHIN the theater. Foiled again.

Well, guess what. The reckoning has come!

According to an ad I saw–and then I called to verify, don’t worry–we can now take our alcoholic beverages into the theater in special cups. By “our alcoholic beverages,” I mean “the ones we buy at the theater,” not “the six-pack you brought from home.”

I just realized this might be bad news for anyone who wants to actually watch a movie in relative quiet. Turn all my !!!!s into angry demon mask emojis please.

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Susan Howson

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