This week at Friday Cheers: Funky Meters with Mekong Xpress & The Get Fresh Horns

We gotta have that funk. We want the funk.

Funky Meters

With roots going back to 1967 this native New Orleans band knows its’ way around a stage and how to get folks dancing. They take traditional funk, blues, and dance then lay New Orleans flavor to the mix to make a jambalaya of sound that keeps you coming back for more–and it goes really well with beer.

Mekong Xpress & the Get Fresh Horns

  • Genre: Soul/Funk
  • Sounds kinda like: You took a pile of musicians plied them with belgian beer and let them loose.
  • Listen to the album: Album? We don’t need no stinkin’ album.
  • Mekong Xpress & the Get Fresh Horns Facebook

Any band that’s formed in the beer nirvana that is Richmond’s Mekong Restaurant is going to be as eclectic as An’s beer selection. This band is a Funk Frankenstein of nearly every band of Richmond including; Modern Groove Syndicate, Bio Ritmo, Mathew E. White, Particle, Former Champions, The Big Payback, The New Belgians, Beast Wellington, and the DJ Williams Projekt.

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Richard Hayes

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