Tall Tales for Short Attention Spans (Episode 1)

Greetings, eavesdroppers! Welcome to our newest audio experiment…

Greetings, eavesdroppers! Welcome to the first installment of “Tall Tales for Short Attention Spans.”

This audio experiment will provide you with recorded stories told by everyday folks about life’s funny little situations. Sometimes the narrator is a witness, and sometimes they’re a character, but they always prove good for a chuckle or two.

Today’s tale comes from the archives of a once touring musician named Matt. This stinky story reeks thoroughly of mischief and mayhem. It’s sure to be a gut-wrenching good time!



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Matt Moment

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  1. Boys are so gross….and as a podcast whore, I still totally loved it. More please RVANews.

  2. Matt on said:

    Glad you liked it!

    And yes we are…some more then others.

  3. wheeler on said:

    LOLZ. Those guys were so insane. BEL AIR. HARDCORE.

  4. Life in the music business is so glamorous…loved it. More please…

  5. Jonesy on said:

    The fact I sat in their van for a couple hours at cstone years ago totally grosses me out.

  6. Ha, I’m late on getting to listen to this. But I so know what band that is! I used to be friends with those guys! Man, believe it or not that is a tame story about them.

  7. Oh, I believe. I have less PG-13 stories of them but didn’t want to take the show that low right off the bat. haha

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