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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. Chris Wolf on said:

    yea dude, wish i would have seen you there. i love how they don’t need dominion or ukrop’s or whoever to throw a corporate sponsorship on it. certainly no other event in richmond has such raw life to it.

  2. Stubin on said:

    Rather than building a regular old baseball stadium, Richmond should be building a multi-use Lucha Libre/Rollerderby/Slaughterama arena, with all the fixin’s.

  3. hooligan on said:

    We do not need corporate sponsors because no one at slaughterama is selling anything. Its awsome!

  4. rudey on said:

    I only pray this never does get sponsorship, its too awesome!

  5. Mel on said:

    Okay, I feel officially old. I have no idea what Slaughterama is, who goes, what it’s about, etc. No clue whatsoever, except that I’m pretty sure the average age is well under 30. Again, I feel ancient.

  6. Confused on said:

    Mel – don’t feel bad. I am 22 and I have no clue what it is.

    What I don’t get…what is with the defaced flag? I find it highly offensive.

  7. Upset on said:

    Confused, yeah I thought the same thing about it. It got even worse when they lit it on fire at the end of the event. Alot of people at the event were highly upset about it.

  8. cypress on said:

    about the burned flag… i understand the feelings about not doing that

    ( i wasn’t there and don’t know the circumstances …. )

    but … some people do things like that not to insult the nation..

    but to make a statement that the current state of the nation or the government has already defaced the flag

    for example i’ve seen a flag that had been defaced with references to guantanamo bay… and i know the artist has a strong love for the usa and the constitution… they just felt that the Bush administration was so far from those ideals that the flag no longer stood for what it should

    the idea was that “this is what our flag appears as to others around the world”… not to insult the nation

    //again i have no idea the motivations of this one and these guys probably did a poor job at expressing their intentions if they had any…

  9. Julie on said:

    OK, I really need to ask the band, but I must know which came first. This festival/gathering/whatever it is, or the song by Richmond metal rubber monster band, GWAR.

    I grew up in Virginia, yet I feel that I missed out on so, so much…

    Looks like a lot of fun though, whatever is happening here!

  10. Ashley on said:

    Slaughterama is amazing!

    It’s a three-day event – these pictures just show Day 2. It’s actually a competition between Richmond bike crews for a trophy and the glory of being able to say you won. My crew is Guild (all the neon green shirts in the crowd), and we won at the Slaughterama pictured here, which was the sixth :-).

    It takes place every spring. Everyone should come out and enjoy it with us!

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