Happy Labor Day!

Now, here’s some stuff to do on your day off.

OK first, here’s the best thing I’ve ever learned: Memorial Day is in May. See, they both start with an M! Now you’ll never pull the ol’ Memorial/Labor Day switcheroo again–you can thank me later.

Second, Labor Day is a celebration of workers–which is why you, a worker of some sort, most likely have the day off.1 President Grover Cleveland created the federal holiday in 1894, and the historical mode of celebration was a parade followed by some political and patriotic speechifying. Now we’ve got the whole things streamlined down to grilling meat and playing cornhole. It could be worse!

To aide you in your Labor Day celebrations here’s a couple SUPER VALUABLE resources from our archives:

  1. If your grill is out of gas or cornhole’s not your jam, there’s still plenty of things you can do to occupy your day. Check out our summertime bucket list and cross a few things off before we say so long to summer and hello to fall!
  2. Almost two years ago we ran this recipe for sliders, aptly titled “The perfect slider.” This is no exaggeration. You will not find an easier, better slider recipe anywhere.
  3. If you’re thinking about heading to the pool, make sure you follow pool etiquette. Don’t be that guy/girl.
  4. This is where I suggest spending at least part of your day.
  5. Here’s the answer to the most important question you’ll ask today: what will I wear?
  6. Maybe you could go see a movie?
  7. Got kids? Who doesn’t these days? Take ’em over to one of the Children’s Museums (maybe the new one in Chesterfield?)!
  8. Does the idea of grilling your own meat (or veg) and pouring your own beer sound incredibly tiresome? Head out to one of these fine patioed establishments to eat and drink outside while someone else does all the work!

Happy Labor Day y’all!

— ∮∮∮ —


  1. That is unless you’re in the service or retail industries, then you are most likely laboring. 
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