End-of-summer bucket list

An end-of-summer bucket list to help you squeeze the most out of the last couple days of summer.

Summer’s almost over, and just look at yourself! Did you take any time to appreciate how wonderful Richmond is during the summer? Did you? DID YOU? If not, we’ve put together a handy end-of-summer bucket list to help you squeeze the most out of summer’s last couple of days. Just print this out,1 and get to crossing things off–you’ve got until Sunday.

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1. Richmond Spiders vs. Liberty

This Saturday at 6:00 PM the Spiders take on the Liberty Flames. Tickets are cheap (just $15 with the discount code URFAN), the weather hasn’t yet turned frigid, and there’s the opportunity for some tailgating!

2. Patios, brah!

This is Richmond. We love nothing more than restaurants, happy hours, and patios. Combine all three before the summer weather leaves us and we all start wearing scarves. Here are ten suggestions to get you started.

3. Head to Bev’s for some ice cream

Sure there are other ice cream shops in town, but do they serve Mrs. Yoder’s Doughnuts flavored ice cream? Well, know this: Bev’s does.

4. Swim in the river

The James River is great, mighty, and runs right through our wonderful town. There’s no reason not to spend a couple days soaking up the sun on some of its rocks and then subsequently cooling off in its urban rapids. Better make it quick though, because soon its mighty waters are gonna be mighty cold.

5. Massey on the River

If swimming in the river isn’t your thing, maybe partying on its lovely banks while supporting a great cause is? Massey on the River is a grand ol’ party thrown this Saturday by the Massey Alliance–their young professionals group. For $50 you get food, wine, beer, and the opportunity to help raise money for VCU Massey Cancer Center. Last year they raised over $50,000, help them reach this year’s goal of $60,000!

6. Grab a pop at Hardywood

If you’ve not yet had the King of Pops banana pudding popsicle, you’re only living in a shadow of reality. Rectify that situation immediately by heading over to Hardywood tonight for their Thursday RVA Street Foodies Court.

7. Hit up the SotJ for end-of-summer veggies

The South of the James Market (or the SotJ) runs through December 7th, so you can technically meet all of your fruit and vegetables needs deep into 2013. But there’s something distinctly summery about an open-air farmers’ market. Plus, the weather’s turning and summer veggies are about to disappear.

8. Porch sit!

Richmonders know that one of the purest ways to celebrate summer (or to mourn its passing) is to grab a beverage and sit on a porch. Don’t worry though, once it gets a little colder we can all stop porch sitting and start fire-pit sitting (which, honestly, might be even better!).

9. Fire up the grill

Maybe you don’t have a porch on which to sit (if that’s the case, maybe I’m laughing at you behind your back). But surely you have a place to grill food items, and if not maybe your BFF does? I recommend you get to cooking meat and veg over an open flame ASAP.

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