9 gifts for young readers

I love avid young readers. They’re so focused. They’re so unapologetically enthusiastic. They’re also really hard to shop for. Luckily I’ve managed to track down nine gifts young readers are sure to love. Take a look…

I love avid young readers. You know, the kid you see sneaking a book under the table at a restaurant or trailing along behind the rest of his family at the grocery store, his nose stuck in the latest installment of whatever series is making the pre-teens lose their damn minds.

They’re so focused. They’re so unapologetically enthusiastic.

They’re also really hard to shop for.

Sure, you might think, “Oh, a reader! I’ll just get her a book!” But the thing with voracious readers is, well, they read a lot of books. All the books, really. Yes, even that one. Oh yeah, and that one. That one, too. You can’t keep up, let it go.

Fear not, my friends! I am hear to help! Here are nine gifts any young reader will love–and really, you’d be hard-pressed to find any kid1 who wouldn’t be pretty stoked to find these under the tree.

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1. Amazon or iTunes Gift Card

Back in my day books were printed on paper! And they were heavy! And you had to walk into a store and buy them! Since most kids these days basically exit the womb with smartphones in their little paws, I’m assuming by the time they can read, Kindles and iPads are totally NBD.2 Tuck one of these gift cards in your kid’s/younger cousin’s/etc.’s stocking so she can download the ones-and-zeros version of the latest release and get right to ignoring everyone at Christmas dinner.

2. Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

If actual paper isn’t a thing of the past in your household, help your young reader keep his place and track of his reading minutes for those elementary school book logs. Available in six, kid-friendly (read: extraordinarily bright3) colors, this clever little number also includes an alarm feature, helping you remind your voracious little reader when it’s time to shut the book and turn in for the night.

3. T-Rex LED Headlamp Flashlight

It’s hard to get mad at a kid who fights bedtime because he…just…can’t…stop…reading. If it’s going to happen, you might as well preserve his eyesight with this fun LED headlamp. And you turn it on and off by opening and closing the mouth! Adorable.

4. Marvel Hero Library Bag

What kid wouldn’t want to carry home his library spoils in a bag like this? I must say, this one makes me feel pretty guilty that our son carries his books home in a reusable grocery bag from Martin’s. If comic books aren’t your kid’s thing, be sure to check out the rest of the offerings on Simple Family Gifts Etsy shop; they’ve got everything from Curious George to ladybugs to basketballs.

5. Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary

Kids enjoy books even more when they understand what the hell they’re reading. Wrap one of these babies up, and let the younger generation know that being smart is cool.

6. The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book

Inspired by the beloved Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, this fun DIY book will help your young reader transition to young writer as she creates her own illustrated life story.

7. The Extent of Silence Prints

Add a little whimsy to the library or playroom with these paintings from artist
Amariah Rauscher. The Girl Who Liked To Read and Lost in a Daydream are my personal favorites, but Rauscher’s Etsy shop offers such a wide selection, you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy–or have her create a custom illustration featuring your favorite young reader.

8. Percy Jackson Boxed Set

I know I said it was pointless to try and give a young reader specific books, but I need to give at least one recommendation. This five-book series tells the tale of Percy Jackson, a down-on-his-luck, sarcastic, somewhat trouble teenager…who also happens to be a demigod. Each book is an entertaining, quick read, and they all work together to create a great introduction to Greek mythology. A must-have for any household with tweens, pre-teens…or anyone who likes things that are fun and funny.

9. Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Series

Well, as long as we’re ignoring my advice, might I suggest a selection of leatherbound books?4 This collection from Barnes & Noble includes pretty much every classic you can think of: The Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, you name it. Pick a beloved title and pass your literary memories on to your favorite little bookworm.

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  1. Or adult. This adult, specifically. 
  2. That’s “No Big Deal,” for all you oldies. Of which I am not one, despite the sentences preceding this footnote. 
  3. Seriously, what’s with all the neon, kids? 
  4. Yes, that was an Anchorman reference. I’m bringing them back. Merry Christmas. 
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