5 Things to Crowdfund

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the best source for what’s new and interesting in local crowdfunding projects. Help your neighbors make interesting things while getting a little something for yourself in return.

1. Li’l Eddie: Edgar Allan Poe for Kids

Want to share the works of Edgar Allan Poe with your kids without scarring them for life? Local author Micah Edwards brings us Ricky’s Spooky House a kid-friendly1 version of The Fall of the House of Usher in 200 words and 16 pictures.

  • Goal: $4,500
  • Campaign Ends: October 16th
  • Best Reward: “Poersonal Touch.” For $25 American, not only will you receive a copy of the book, but Mr. Edwards will read the book to a person of your choosing.

2. James Carling Illustrations of Poe’s “The Raven”

October’s a big crowdfunding month for Edgar Allan Poe. The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is looking to raise $60,000 to preserve and publish James Carling’s illustrations of the The Raven. These drawings were named in Virginia’s Top 10 Most Endangered Artifacts by the Virginia Association of Museums.

  • Goal: $60,000
  • Campaign Ends: November 15th
  • Best Reward: For $50 you get a copy of the published book and an invitation to the book launch party in October 2014.

3. Psychotria

Local filmakers look to make a psychological thriller that “follows a defeated man through a revealing night inside his mind,” shot in only five long takes. Their indiegogo video is shot in one continuous take, demonstrating what the crew hopes to pull off.

  • Goal: $6,000
  • Campaign Ends: October 28th
  • Best Reward: “The Regional.” For $75 you get a cameo in the film.

4. Farm for All

Backyard Farmer has a grand ambition to build a “Backyard Farm” in Henrico to help “grow not just food, but farmers.” The group seeks funds to build infrastructure (including ADA accessibility) to accelerate their community outreach capabilities. While they probably will not reach their campaign goal, I imagine we’ll be hearing more from this group in RVA.

  • Goal: $100,000
  • Campaign Ends: October 12th
  • Best Reward: For $20 you get a selection of “Spring Veggie Seeds” and the group’s Veggie Garden Calendar.

5. The Red Flag Campaign: Campus Dating Violence Prevention

The Red Flag Campaign is a project of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance that will “teach campus communities the warning signs for dating violence and how to step up and say something.” These funds will be used to send Red Flag Campaign kits to college campuses across the US.

  • Goal: $3,000
  • Campaign Ends: November 22nd
  • Best Reward: “Red Flag Champion.” At $350 you will have funded an entire kit for a college campus and feel great about having helped.

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  1. I’m particularly curious to read how he tackles the implied incestuous relationship between Roderick and Madeline. 

Image from: Li’l Eddie

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