5 Things to Crowdfund

From Star Wars to moonshine to Christmas music, your friends and neighbors have outdone themselves again, bringing great projects into the world out of nothing. All they need now is your modest financial help.

The Clone Army Project

Chris Hall of Solid Brix Studios, has a vision of a Grand Army of the Republic. An army of highly-trained clones all made out of LEGO. With your help, 15,000 LEGO Clone Troopers will be amassed to defend you from the droid armies of the Separatist Movement.

  • Goal: $35,000
  • Campaign Ends: November 1st
  • Best Reward: $20 gets you 5 minifigs and a poster

Renew Richmond Urban Farm Fundraiser

I was fortunate enough to hear John Lewis of Renew Richmond speak at he most recent bill conference. Their mission is to create community gardens with an emphasis on community, as Richmonders learn how to grow their own healthy food. You have just a few days left to help them fund a new facility on Midlothian Turnpike in Southside.

  • Goal: $20,000
  • Campaign Ends: October 16th
  • Best Reward: I’m a sucker for Tote Bags. A $150 donation scores you one.

Bondurant Brothers Distillery

Two hours southwest of our River City in Chase City, VA, Bondurant Brothers Distillery hopes to make you some booze. Using vintage prohibition era equipment and techniques, they plan on starting with “a clear moonshine, made from a Bondurant secret blend of white and yellow corn, malted barley, and sugar, just like in the old days.” You can help them get off the ground.

  • Goal: $20,000
  • Campaign Ends: November 4th
  • Best Reward: $35 gets you the World Famous Bondurant Brothers T-Shirt, complete with pocket.

Upper East Side Big Band: The Christmas Project

Samson Trinh, Director of the Upper East Side Big Band has been recording and self-funding an album of Christmas favorites performed by over 50 RVA musicians. In the home stretch, he needs your help to fund the final recordings, as well as a “making of” special to air on WCVE.

  • Goal: $10,000
  • Campaign Ends: October 23rd
  • Best Reward: $75 gets you a copy of the album and music lessons on saxophone, ukulele, or composition.

Magic Worlds

Local game developer Chris Booth is looking for your help to bring “Magic Worlds”, a free massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) into existence. I love these types of games; my lack of a master’s degree is, in part, the fault of World of Warcraft. Watch the video and drop him a couple of bucks so Mr. Booth will make me a new addiction.

  • Goal: $2,000
  • Campaign Ends: October 24th
  • Best Reward: Flying mount. $25. It’s a mount, that flies. For only $25.
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Sam Davies

Sam Davies is the father of two daughters (ages five and eight) who lives in Northside Richmond. He and his wife Kat are trying their best to not raise sociopaths.

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