5 Things to Crowdfund

Geez Richmond. Stop trying to make awesome stuff. It gets harder every month to pick five of your projects to feature in this column.

Your neighbors have really upped their game so let’s reward them by funding all of their campaigns. You’ll be a small part of their success and feel great about it.

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They Need Pants

The VCU Dance Spring 2014 Seniors need pants. While their campaign video clearly shows their ability to dance without pants, it is not their preferred dancing condition. Help put pants on these VCU students.

  • Goal: $2,500
  • Campaign Ends: April 14th
  • Best Reward: For $100, you can attend a dress rehearsal, where they will be wearing the pants you helped to fund.

Dawg Dayz Animated Series

Pixel Pirate Studio, wants to bring Dawg Dayz, an animated web series based on a dog named Jamal who moves to L.A. and takes a job selling hot dogs out of a truck, to life. They have six minutes of animation completed so far, but need help funding a 12 episode run.

  • Goal: $40,000
  • Campaign Ends: April 9th
  • Best Reward: “Chili Dog” at $30. You get a digital download of the pilot episode and a bunch of swag.

Flawesome… Because God Don’t Make No Junk!

I’esha “GaptoothDiva” Hornes has written a book about her” battle with confidence, abuse, depression, attempted suicide, and addiction” as an African-American woman, and how she came through on the other side. The book is already written and funds will be used to help print enough copies for distribution.

  • Goal: $3,500
  • Campaign Ends: April 2nd
  • Best Reward: $20 you get a digital edition of the book and a Flawesome-branded lipstick

Hangul Market

Do/Luck, a design group formed by three VCU graphic design students, has a neat idea: learn about, Hangul, the Korean alphabet, through cooking. Through the idea of a “farmer’s market,” the project’s goal is to teach an American audience about the alphabet in an accessible way. Here is the Wikipedia page on Hangul so you can spend an hour reading about things like vowel harmony, like I just did.

  • Goal: $1,500
  • Campaign Ends: March 24th
  • Best Reward: For $10, Do/Luck will design your name in Hangul in their own typeface and email it to you.

Send Alexis Scott to the 2014 International Reading Association Conference

Alexis Scott teaches English to at-risk students in grades 3 – 5. She is asking for $600 to help cover the conference fees for her to attend the 2014 International Reading Association Conference in New Orleans. There she will learn skills to help her be the best teacher she can be, and bring those back to her students in Richmond. She’s only asking for help covering her conference fees, but any extra will go to her travel expenses. This is a no-brainer folks–let’s see if we can pay for her airline ticket too.

  • Goal: $598
  • Campaign Ends: April 9th
  • Best Reward: Stop right now and donate $15 to this teacher and she’ll send you a postcard from New Orleans. Let’s make her have to send a ton of postcards.
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Sam Davies

Sam Davies is the father of two daughters (ages five and eight) who lives in Northside Richmond. He and his wife Kat are trying their best to not raise sociopaths.

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