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One of these events features the phrase “anthropomorphized kaleidoscope.” Can you find it amidst all the food, sports, music, dancing, and fashion? You can and you will!

1. Lebanese Food Festival

If it’s Lebanese and it’s food and it’s a festival, there are three good reasons to attend an event, right there. The highly acclaimed Lebanese Food Festival gets cooking again this year at Saint Anthony Maronite Church, where you will also find music and dancing, the fourth and fifth best reasons to attend a festival.

  • Friday, May 16th – Sunday, May 18th • see site for times
  • Saint Anthony Maronite Church, 4611 Sadler Road
  • Free to attend!

2. Dominion Riverrock

The fourth best reason to attend a festival (see above) combines with the twentieth best reason to attend a festival, sports! Just kidding, active people out there. We should all be very passionate about something, and yours just happens to be a thing that involves a lot of things I’m too lazy to do. BUT if you’re into the combination of mud, bikes, adventure, the river, and people playing musical instruments, there is literally no better place for you to be.

  • Friday, May 16th – Sunday, May 18th • see site for times
  • Brown’s Island and immediate environs
  • See site for registration pricing

3. Grandma Sparrow (Presented by Spacebomb Records) Record Release Party

If you’d like to be confused, amused, and intrigued at the same time, I suggest you find Grandma Sparrow on Facebook. Not convinced? Here are just a few ways Grandma describes his- or herself: “that lovable hell-raising microtonal bearded lady,” “the anthropomorphized kaleidoscope,” “that cosmic trickster bearing a fragrant musical gift.” It’s like music for writers who tend to sound like the ramblings of an insane person. NOT THAT I KNOW ANY OF THOSE.

  • Friday, May 16th • 10:00 – 11:30 PM
  • Coalition Theater, 8 W. Broad Street
  • $11.54

4. Richmond Ballet: Studio Three

Jessica Lang (omg) and Ma Cong (zomg) have returned for some serious dancing delight at this, the Richmond Ballet’s FINAL STUDIO SERIES (of the season, that is. Don’t freak out!). Read a little about the show and a lot about one of the dancers, the brilliant Phillip Skaggs, in our piece published earlier this week. Both of the choreographers and also Phil himself are wonderful to behold, and if you’ve been putting off trying out the Studio Series, this is a good one to get the ol’ wallet out for. Expect modern, groundbreaking stuff.

  • Through Sunday, May 18th &bull see site for times
  • Richmond Ballet, 407 E. Canal Street
  • $40

5. Well Worn Pop-Up Market

It’s our duty to keep our city beautiful by looking beautiful ourselves. In fact, it’s in the town charter, which I have right here: (ahem) “Each citizen of this towne shall don their finest tunics, waistcoats, and what-have-ye as they promenade up and down the Street of Cary.” Well, then, citizens, what are ye waiting for? Well Worn is this Sunday, and all the peddlers of local and vintage fashion are committed to helping you achieve the greatest you were born to exhibit.

  • Sunday, May 18th • 12:00 PM
  • Gallery5, 200 W. Marshall Street
  • Free to attend!

photo by Sarah Ferguson and courtesy of Richmond Ballet

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