When an 8-year-old asks, “Do I look cute?”

As a parent of a young female, you’ve got an opportunity to combat millennia of judgement and misplaced value. No pressure!

The practice run: Venturing with kids to the next town over

Sam Davies wasn’t ready to take his daughters on a long trip, so he started out small—no agenda, lots of bathrooms, and the joy of experiencing something new along with them.

Back to school with a new normal

Who can even remember the school routine from last year, and this year it’s all changing for Sam Davies anyway. So many things to do and feel, all at once.

A week without: Life at home while the kid’s at camp

Sam Davies’s daughter braved the unfamiliar territory of sleepaway camp, while the rest of his family had a weird week without her.

Raising Richmond: Intentional boredom

Letting yourself just be bored is a luxury we should—and often do not—take advantage of. Once we tune into our boredom, says Sam Davies, we start to appreciate smaller, more important things.

Raising Richmond: More mindful parenting with the Apple Watch

Welp, Sam Davies just wrote the thing that’s going to convince the Apple-thetic spouses that the pro-Apple spouses should, indeed, get an Apple Watch for a holiday gift. Sorry, the former. And you’re welcome, the latter!

Raising Richmond: Secret Eating

Sam Davies comes face to face with the stuff with which he stuffs his face but not his children’s faces.

Raising Richmond: My dad, the hypocrite

Sorry, kids, you’re not allowed to do many of the things we do, all the time. It’s maybe because we care about you more than ourselves, so at least we’ve got that going for us.

Raising Richmond: My dad ate my homework

Sam Davies didn’t care that much about homework, so how is he supposed to feel when his daughter doesn’t care?

Productivity for the hopelessly disorganized

KonMari is all well and good for your physical stuff, but what if you’re the kind of person who instantly forgot to put it on your to-do list. And where did that to-do list go, anyway?

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