Forgotten Faces: Robert and Keith

“You have to give back. You HAVE to. It’s the only way any of us are going to get out of this situation. You get back what you put into something. I want you to put this in your article: I’m homeless, not worthless.”

Forgotten Faces: Brooke, Jamie, and Ruffy

This is Brooke. I met her, Jamie, and Ruffy one rainy day in July while they were panhandling at a Target store in Richmond. I walked up with a few dollars, and asked to photograph them. Brooke quickly said “Yes,” and I began photographing, all the while, asking questions about their life and their travels.

Forgotten Faces: Jerome

This is an ongoing project. The plan is to use this gallery as a journal-style compilation of photos I capture on the streets depicting the homeless and their lifestyle. The hope is to open more eyes to the horrible reality of homelessness. I see and know far too many people who have absolutely no regard for people in a lower social class. With this journal, I hope I can change some minds.