Health & Fitness: Eat The Chocolate, Drink The Wine

Have you ever noticed that in our extreme efforts to limit or deprive ourselves from something that is supposedly not good for us, we end up create more negative effects on our body than if we would have just had a small amount of that thing? For all you chronic dieters, you know exactly what […]

Health & Fitness: The Choices You Make Write Your Life Story

When an author writes a novel, each and every page is full of details that unfold into a complete story. Not one character, description or fact is added by accident; they are placed there to set the stage for the ending. While our lives are not quite so predictable, our choices today are […]

Health & Fitness: The Psychology Of Diet And Exercise

You want to lose weight, eat better and be a healthier person, yet you cannot seem to find the motivation or time to reach your goals. Every time you start a diet and exercise program, you find yourself right back to your old habits within a couple weeks. When you see thinner, healthier or […]

Health & Fitness: Organic: Worth It Or Not?

Organic foods are certainly one of today’s prominent diet fads.  But are organic foods really what they are cracked up to be?  The answer really lies in the ingredients, not the label.
If you have ever been to a local farmers market, you probably appreciated the freshness and quality of the fruits and vegetables, not […]

Health & Fitness: Fat Isn’t The Enemy

If our lives were a cartoon, fat would be a little creature dressed in a red suit with a pitch fork and smoke coming out of his ears. We’ve taken a perfectly healthy component of our diet and altered it in a way that makes it a nightmare to our well being. Fat, as […]

Ultimate Time Crunch Workout

Whether it is kids, work or both, something is always demanding your time so getting in adequate exercise does not seem like much of an option.  Despite your lack of time, it is possible to squeeze in a complete workout in just 20 to 30 minutes a day.  Follow these tips to help you get […]

Healthy Living: Hidden Obesity

We all have that friend who says they never work out and can eat anything they want and still maintain their so-called “perfect” body. And then there are the people at the gym who spend countless hours on the treadmill and seem to have the lean look so many people are aiming to achieve. […]

The Skinny On Calorie Intake

If you’re dieting right now, you may be like thousands of other people causing more harm than good to your body.  Many of today’s popular diets put too much emphasis on caloric intake, often recommending people cut their calories lower than is truly healthy. While the amount of calories you eat can and does have […]

Getting Healthy: Keep Your Motivation

If you were one of the millions of Americans to start an exercise or diet program during the New Year, don’t lose your momentum now. The first few weeks were easy – it was new and you were motivated. Then the next couple weeks got a little harder and now it the time […]

Your Health During A Tough Economy

People around the country are making adjustments in their daily lives and spending habits in efforts to remain stable during this challenging economy. Some of these changes include reduced spending on groceries and less eating out, which may be a good thing! However, it also may include discontinuing gym memberships or […]