‘Ello Govna! It’s the Barksdale Theatre’s My Fair Lady!

It’s been almost 100 years since George Benard Shaw first penned Pygmalion. Now the Barksdale Theatre presents My Fair Lady for your enjoyment. You’ll have a lover-ly good time.

Get your warm fuzzies on: “It’s A Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play” at Swift Creek Mill Theatre

Swift Creek Mill Theatre’s interesting take on It’s a Wonderful Life is the perfect way to get your Christmas season on track. That is of course, unless you are a Mr. Potter.

Get Crazy with Richmond Triangle Players’ “Suddenly, Last Summer”

Did you know that Tennessee Williams’ sister, Rose, underwent a lobotomy at the behest of their mother?? Well, that event helped inspire Williams’ play, Suddenly, Last Summer. See how a local production measures up to the taks of taking on this remarkable one act play.

Hath you no plans this weekend? Catch “The Merchant of Venice” at Henley Street

Just when you think that Skakespeare’s work is both out of reach of and out of touch with modern audiences, Henley Street offers a take on Shakespeare replete with iPhones, televisions, and even…Lady Gaga???

You think you have problems: “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” at Firehouse Theater Project

A famous play by Tennessee Williams is now playing in Richmond. Who’s up for a little violence, homophobia, and adultery!?! Our review of the latest production of a famous playwright’s classic.

Campy chaos on the French Riviera: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Barksdale Theater

There are two types of Broadway shows. Actually, there are two types of Broadway audiences. The first type is looking for an emotional journey complete with tearful ballads, epic story lines, and possibly a death scene at the end. The other type of audience wants over-the-top dance numbers, lots of sequins and feathers, more than a few groan-worthy puns, and some serious cheesiness.

Wait Until Dark: Drugs! Murder! Dolls! Wasps!

When an invading wasp took center stage in the early moments of Wait Until Dark, I was worried that if the action didn’t start soon, the show might be overshadowed by the buzzing, evil insect that kept ominously landing on the actors’ clothes and heads. But within a few minutes, the dark visitor was forgotten as we entered a world of drug-filled dolls and bodies shoved into closets.