Jobs: Is this real life?

Steve Jobs is a jerk. There, you just saved $10.

Do you like scary sequels of sequels of sequels?

Your intrepid RVANews JV movie reviewer subjects himself to Scream 4 to find out whether you should too. His takeaway: do you like meta movies?

The bests (no worsts) of dating life in Richmond

Have you ever had a relationship in Richmond? Justin has, or at least, he’s tried to. Join Justin as he guides you through the very best places to pursue love…or to fail valiantly.

Rams outrun Keydets 86-80

Upset alert? Not on this court. The VMI Keydets took the VCU Rams to the wire Wednesday night, but the Rams grind out the tough non-conference home win to go to 6-2.

Justin Year Itch: DVD Date Night

First-string movie reviewer Susan is off gallivanting in the sunny Caribbi-terranean-cific, so your faithful second-string movie reviewer has torn himself painfully away from “I Dream of Jeannie” reruns long enough to keep the procrastination flowing in the Capital of the, um, of the Commonwealth. What else was Richmond capital of? I can’t think of anything else worth mentioning constantly.

Virginia wins round one of the health care mandate grudge match

Cuccinelli has drawn first blood in his principled mission to protect the citizens of Virginia from the tyrrany of health care. What does it mean? Can Justin even figure it out?

Immaculate Inception

Inception makes just enough sense in just enough places to be a fun puzzle, and Marion Cotillard adds emotional depth. Watch our JV movie reviewer struggle against the temptation to make jokes about dreams. Does he make it to the end? You’ll see.

What Hath Michael Bay Wrought?

How terrible was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? You can’t possibly imagine. Unless you love jokes about balls or Jar Jar Binks, in which case, you’re in luck!

Don’t Take Pelham 123

In the lull between movies about robot wars, RVANews decides to check out an action movie about public transportation. It turns out that the plot was on rails. Hey-oh!

Up is a good movie

Is it possible to review Up without using any flight-related puns? Find out as RVANews braves a kid-infested theater to see Pixar’s latest masterpiece.