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5 Things

Sometimes, while writing this column, I stop and start texting babysitters. This weekend is one of those weekends. Get weird at the Fair, buy some beautiful things, see some innovative dancing, and ABBA ABBA ABBA.


So you want to get into dance this month?

Well, now’s the best time. Two big deal events are happening, and you, you lucky dog, are in the prime position to see one or both of them. Don’t think you’re into dance? Wishing you had a cathartic outlet for the beasts inside of you? Turns out, this is the best possible thing for you. Not kidding.

Richmond Ballet China trip

Ballet leaders return from China after laying groundwork for future partnerships

Ballet representatives join John Kerry and others to foster relations between the two countries.


A father, a dancer, a prince: Richmond Ballet’s Phillip Skaggs and Studio 3

With two kids at home and a work schedule that won’t quit, Phil Skaggs has to stay on his toes. And you can bet he uses THAT joke a lot.


5 Things for Families

This weekend is brought to you by the letter F: food, a festival, fanciness, and even a flea market!


Meet Jesse Lyon and the Richmond Ballet’s New Works Festival

The Wonderful Story of Jesse Lyon, Richmond Ballet’s newest dancer, who is here from France to charm his way into your heart.


Richmond Ballet will travel to China next year

It’ll be the ballet’s first ever trip to Asia.


5 Things

I’m going to remind myself that even though we shut it all down for one inch of snow already, we’re a little tougher now than last month, so we’re going to put on good coats and see what’s happening out there.

Bello 12b

A Day in the life of Cinderella’s Spring Fairy

Elena Bello returns to the stage, but also to the digital pages of RVANews, as our guide to the secret life of dancers–this time from the unique perspective of Cinderella’s Spring Fairy.


5 Things

Sports, parties, and music! You know how we do! And by “you,” I mean “another town who might be looking at us with one eyebrow raised because they think they have more fun stuff to do.” Take a gander at this list, other town, and get that eyebrow back where it belongs.