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Raising Richmond: So long, Milhouse

Last week we had the first pet death in our family. As much as I complain about all my pets, it doesn’t mean that losing one was easy.


Raising Richmond: A smarter year

New Year’s Resolutions are dumb. Unless you stick with them–then they are great. Here are a few of my ideas for living smarter in 2015. And now that I’ve shared them, I have to stick with them.


Raising Richmond: All aboard the membership!

Is it time to renew your membership to a local museum, or are you thinking about getting one to liven up some dreary winter afternoons? Read this rundown to see if any of the big ones are right for you.


Raising Richmond: Following up

Preschool, public school, and pinkification: A look back at a some of the 2014’s columns.


Raising Richmond: What are you doing through New Year’s Eve?

If you have to watch your own kids for the rest of the year, here are some ideas for what to do when schools are closed.


Raising Richmond: Christmas all over again

My husband and I are spending our eighth Christmas together. As our family gets older, holiday traditions keep growing, and a newly-interested-in-Christmas kid makes things feel a little brighter.


Raising Richmond: Eaten by sharks

Sharks! Murder! iPads! Inside the weird world of my daughter’s imaginary siblings.


Raising Richmond: A gift-giving guide for kids who have too much stuff

What to get for the kid whose parents don’t want you to get anything.


Raising Richmond: Is Santa going to eat us for dinner?

Is telling your kid that Santa is real the same thing as not telling her that Santa’s made up? I don’t know. You try telling a four-old-anything she doesn’t want to hear and then let me how that works out for you.


Raising Richmond: VMFA the hard way

An art museum is almost the opposite of a children’s museum: there’s no touching, no talking, and nothing to ride. That doesn’t mean it can’t be kid-friendly.

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