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Raising Richmond: City schools, county schools

We’re sticking with Richmond Public Schools because we want to support our city. And also because the school is right by our house and daughter already likes that playground. It would be weird if we didn’t send her there.


Raising Richmond: On the town!

Doing new things about town with the main mom and daughter in my life.


Raising Richmond: In praise of playground parties

Playgrounds are instant party locations. Just bring cupcakes, put a balloon on a tree, and stick a party hat on a squirrel. Dunzo.


Raising Richmond: How about that second kid?

I want what lots of parents want: to plan two kids and to have a third one by accident. That’s the middle-class dream! Then again, I might not have another child. Why are you asking? What’s it to you? Stop thinking about me trying to have another kid. It’s freaking me out.


Raising Richmond: A matter of records

Building a record collection for a child isn’t as important as starting a college fund or setting examples of good behavior, but–OK, just kidding. It’s as important.


Raising Richmond: Take it outside

Find summer fun in your own backyard. Literally.


Raising Richmond: Building the archives

When it comes to preserving memories, what’s a good idea, and what is too much information?


Raising Richmond: Carrying the Banner

Why I brought the newspaper back home.


Raising Richmond: Bring out your dad

Not all dads should be treated as second-class parents. I know at least three of them!


Raising Richmond: Speaking the language of family

You know, sometimes “poop” can be a good thing.

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