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Raising Richmond: Rad Summer Reading

When she’s not writing Raising Richmond or raising her Richmonder, Hayley DeRoche is a librarian—which means she knows all there is to know about what kids of all sizes will love to read this summer.


Raising Richmond: Secret Eating

Sam Davies comes face to face with the stuff with which he stuffs his face but not his children’s faces.


Raising Richmond: Tiny weekends and tiny budgets

Weekends used to be about living it up and sleeping late. As a parent of a young child, you might find you’re in a totally different rut–the same parks, the same kid places. Hayley’s budget suggestions save you money and revitalize your weekend.


Raising Richmond: My dad, the hypocrite

Sorry, kids, you’re not allowed to do many of the things we do, all the time. It’s maybe because we care about you more than ourselves, so at least we’ve got that going for us.


Raising Richmond: The tomboy trap

Is it equally as sexist to assume that wearing pink ISN’T cool? Why is dressing our children so philosophically complicated!?


Raising Richmond: My dad ate my homework

Sam Davies didn’t care that much about homework, so how is he supposed to feel when his daughter doesn’t care?


Raising Richmond: So jealous

Why is it so hard to just be content with everything we have—particularly things we have worked so hard to get? This can be double-true with families and their lifestyles, and it’s something many of us have to put in a lot of effort to counteract.


Raising Richmond: Consider it raised

With Baby: The Sequel coming soon, the best way to get ready has not been to get the house set up or read books, but to learn from the one kid we already have.


Raising Richmond: Day trip!

Still have some winter blues to shake out and can’t wait for summer vacations? Pregame a longer trip with a day-long adventure. Here are a few suggestions (out of hundreds) close to home.


Raising Richmond: Pregnant pause

I’m having a classic second pregnancy: less anxiety, less documentation, living in a hospital. You know, the normal stuff.

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