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Raising a reader this holiday season

Hayley DeRoche, our resident librarian, gives us tips for what to gift the kids in your life and what to gift yourself, too.

blanket cat

S.A.D. dad: Living with both depression and children

Sam Davies sometimes just has to cry it out, particularly when the daylight hours wane. And sometimes his kid is right next to him when he does so.


How to be terrible at playdates

Does anyone else sorta hate playdates? No? Oh uh neither do we.


Social death by triangulation: Playground problems of the exclusionary kind

How weird is it that in order for kids to figure out how not to be jerks, they have to try being jerks for awhile?


The 5 Stages of Mom Group Breakup—with wine pairings!

Breakups are tough, especially when they’re friend breakups. Here are the stages of grief paired with the perfect wines for getting you through one.


Handy Dad doesn’t live here: Overthinking the potential apocalypse

Sam Davies is paralyzed by the idea of home repair, which he knows for sure is an indication that his family will be dead within minutes of the world’s end.


The parental uniform: Wear your truth like a knife

Working parent of a tiny toddler, Hayley DeRoche found some clarity, some balance, and some self-confidence in…clothing. Yes, clothing!


The family provider’s fear

Fear is the enemy. Let it pass over and through you. But then sit down accept that your options are limited.


I don’t want to spoil my child, but…

Hayley DeRoche has a theory about only children, setting an example, and choosing the right indulgences.


Baby’s first arrest: Explaining law enforcement to kids

Sam Davies and his family witnessed an arrest, and his children were very concerned. But some of their questions weren’t so easy to answer.

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