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Kid-friendly music that won’t make your earballs bleed

It’s hard to find music for children that you won’t hate listening to, and sometimes your children hate your music. Here’s some stuff that may provide a nice cheerful medium.

little girl ball gown

When an 8-year-old asks, “Do I look cute?”

As a parent of a young female, you’ve got an opportunity to combat millennia of judgement and misplaced value. No pressure!


Rad summer books for kids of all ages

If your kids made their way through this reading list this summer, you may now confiscate all the books so you can read them yourselves. Hey, one man’s summer reading is the other man’s fall.


Doing it wrong: The way to set another parent straight, if you must

Parents can be judgy as hell, and we should all strive not to be That Judgy Parent…but what about when it’s something serious? Hayley DeRoche has devised a template for that very scenario!


The practice run: Venturing with kids to the next town over

Sam Davies wasn’t ready to take his daughters on a long trip, so he started out small—no agenda, lots of bathrooms, and the joy of experiencing something new along with them.


The perfect family day trip: Jefferson’s Monticello, who knew?

Got some kids and a weekend day free? Head to TJ’s “little mountain.”


Back to school with a new normal

Who can even remember the school routine from last year, and this year it’s all changing for Sam Davies anyway. So many things to do and feel, all at once.


Hey, baby. What are you thinking?

They say before your baby talks, she understand tons of your words already. WELL, GOOD FOR HER.


A week without: Life at home while the kid’s at camp

Sam Davies’s daughter braved the unfamiliar territory of sleepaway camp, while the rest of his family had a weird week without her.


Raising Richmond: The Sound and the Furry

Is there room in your heart for a new baby and an old dog? Hayley DeRoche was doubtful.

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