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Beer News: Beer might be food

Sort of. But wouldn’t that be the solution to so many problems? And also probably the origin of a lot more problems.


Food News: GWAR feast, a new Bufford estab, grapes, green eggs, and more

And when we say “more,” we mean the Perkolator, larb gai, and rotisserie love.


Beer News: Ask Don, big brews, taste tests, and other fermented news

You got your big breweries, you got your small breweries, and you’ve got An over here daring you to do a blind taste test.


Food News: Chef announcements, restaurant transformations, more national praise, and Virginia Peach Month

Everything is changing so fast! New things, old things, evolving things, and a whole lot of other stuff up in this peach.


Beer News: Elven chainmail, stony job opps, Craft Beer Month, hops that are totally OK

And some new brews, of course.


Food News: Monday brunch, a boozy lunch, and cold-brew coffee that packs a punch

The theme of this week’s food news is Learning–from where to find brunch on a Monday, to how to turn canned food into art, to how to cook your own very impressive dishes with help from a friend on YouTube. Put on your learnin’ caps and get ready to expand your brains.


Beer News: Weird beer, massive quantities of beer, analysis of beer, and just a lot of beer

The word “beer” was just said too many times, and now it looks bizarre.


Food News: Rapping with positive vibes, special sups, and total tomato overload

This week’s trend is for local culinary geniuses to offer you a chance to sit at a table and let them serve you giant, lovingly prepared dinners. These guys and gals, you know? Just doin’ it for the community.


Beer News: Booze Week Part 1 is complete!

In this week’s Frothy Forthcomings (actual rejected name), we dip a toe into the sudsy waters of Belgian beer and Vienna lager. Then we rip our pants off and dive right into the Beer Expo and a bunch of other stuff!


Food News: Harvesting breakfast, toast, pig heads, and new shirts

Collaborations! New breakfasts! New lunches! We can hardly stand it!

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