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Food News: Shoryuken solidifies, special dinner events, and rye rye rye

#RVARAMENNEWS looks a lot like a Rams hashtag, but why don’t we go ahead and celebrate both! Also, if you say “rye” enough times, it loses all meaning. This may or may not have happened herein.


Beer News: East Coast > West Coast, sweet labels, and interesting ciders

Enough beer news this week to keep you afloat through this most beery of holiday weekends.

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Food News: Pizza 2000 pops up, Aaron Hoskins says farewell, and doughnuts forge westward!

There will be pizzas at Sub Rosa, Country Style Donuts in the West End, and biscuits on Cary Street. It’s a good week for gluten.


Beer News: Malt, mead, and minutia

There’s going to be Big Trouble in Little China (if Little China equals Petersburg), blood beer, mead, and something from a brewery called…Stone?


Food News: Food responsibility, TED talks, and that jerk Haman and his delicious cookies

Do you, the people, like fascinating discussions on food? Well, we just had one of those last night at RVANews Live, but TED (copycat) is about to provide more. Oh, also RVA food people got awards and press, as per usual.


Food News: Beer made with tea, pigs raised with love, and nights filled with Korean food

A big-deal pig-deal is forged between Lockhart Family Farm and Ellwood Thompson’s, a Korean fast food place announces its intent to open in Jackson Ward, the Fan’s Martini Kitchen and Bubble Bar becomes another (live) thing, and Ardent and Patrick Henry Pub team up for a scrumptious beer dinner.


Beer News: Drinking for good and gooding for drink

Finally, someone put all this drinking energy we have towards a good cause. In other news, there’s a new beer pub(lication) in town, and other hoppy things going on in other parts of the world.


Food News: Hooray for James Beard semi-finalists, goodbye to GlobeHopper, and hello Chinese New Year!

This week’s food news is full of ups, downs, and dumplings.


Beer News: A new brewery, beers at movies, and other stuffs

Herein, you will find information about new beers that are aged and stored and brewed in various materials using various processes. You will also learn that Ross loves string cheese and that he does not go out of his way to find rare beers.


Food News: New oysters, more tamari, and miso caramels for the one you love

If this week were a candy heart, it would say “MUST YOU? WITH ALL THE NEWS?”

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