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Food News: Cow juice, river water, and other more delicious-sounding things

Give the gift of milk and also the gift of water, and while you’re at it, gift yourself with an education in Armenian cuisine.


Beer News: Mead, awards, gravity, puns, and Slimer

Help Ardent test out some new beers, try some new-old mead, vote for Mekong of course, and remember the 80s.

soma drinking vinegar

Food News: DIY lunch options, oyster mania, farmerly love, and drinking vinegar

Yeah, there’s some weird things going on this time, but most of them sound delicious. And if it doesn’t, just trust Stephanie. It is.

Shoryuken Ramen

Restaurant openings and closings in August 2015

It’s been a sleepy month for restaurants, with several taking anywhere from a week to the entire month off for a little R&R. We’re still eagerly awaiting White Horse Tavern, Talley’s Meat & Three, and a southside Pho So 1, but here’s who we said hello to in August.


Food News: Uni, Bon Air teamups, power, and Swayze’s finest film

An unforgettable meal courtesy of Sub Rosa and Metzger, the beauty of Deep Run Roadhouse, the shock of Hibachi Box finally opening, and the gentle assistance of Olio, who wants you to hang on to summer until your hands have frozen stiff.


Beer News: Spontaneous fermentation, fitness beer, and frugal housewives

The Virginia Craft Brewers Fest, Trails and Ales, Veil Brewing Co, Drink ’n’ Draws, and a horse named Pumpkin. And a bunch of other stuff, too.


Food News: Lewis Ginter = vegetable farm, hatch chiles = Kroger party, and Saison = Huck Finn

The State Fair of Virginia will host a wine dinner at Rappahannock, Travis Milton will pitch a tent and stay a while, and Saison wants us all to sail into the sunset together

beer stein

Beer News: Beer might be food

Sort of. But wouldn’t that be the solution to so many problems? And also probably the origin of a lot more problems.


Food News: GWAR feast, a new Bufford estab, grapes, green eggs, and more

And when we say “more,” we mean the Perkolator, larb gai, and rotisserie love.


Beer News: Ask Don, big brews, taste tests, and other fermented news

You got your big breweries, you got your small breweries, and you’ve got An over here daring you to do a blind taste test.

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