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Beer News: A new pub, an old cyder, and a sewage beer

If one were to drink each beer released this weekend, one would have a quite a weekend.

Shoryuken Ramen

Food News: New restaurants, fungus drinks, and food stamps

It’s a great and filling week in Richmond’s food scene. Stephanie Ganz has all the meaty details.


Beer News: Itty-bitty baby hops, pop-ups, lemon, weird yeasts, and crabby beer

Become the proud parent of a rhizome, get yourself to Legend’s coming-of-age party, and choose your baseball team based on how much they charge you to drink. Also, shouldn’t beer pop-ups be called “hop-ups?” FREE IDEA!


Food News: Restaurant Week approacheth, more CSAs, Skynyrd, and Spanish wine

Were you aware that Citizen is moving, classic rock is back, and there are TWO Restaurant Weeks to worry about??


Beer News: Hopocalypse now, abendessen, fish bladders, and…Yuengling?

Hope you enjoyed your time with beer, because hops (and everything else we eat, basically) will soon become part of the swirling dustbowl called “Formerly California.” Also some other stuff happened this week, and we’re 80% sure they weren’t April Fools’ jokes?


Food News: Special Easter / Passover / Food Truck / Lamb Ham / Jane Austen edition!

All the vegetables named Baby are coming up from the ground, so let’s celebrate cutting them down before their prime and turning them into delicious, tender spring meals! Oh, and we have more food trucks now, mostly themed around cheese. So far, April is amazing.


Food News: VCU’s dining scene, mutton fever, and the chance to help local foodmakers

Sure hope you’re eating lunch while you read this, because this week’s food news mentions ramen, pops, mutton, and so much pizza. Free idea, RVA: mutton pops!


Beer News: The stoniest updates, Answer progress, COTU at Lewis Ginter, and a crawl

Stone continues to dominate the news and possibly run the risk of losing all of our interest. Meanwhile, a bunch of new beers are happening, and spring means new baby hops!


Food News: Shoryuken solidifies, special dinner events, and rye rye rye

#RVARAMENNEWS looks a lot like a Rams hashtag, but why don’t we go ahead and celebrate both! Also, if you say “rye” enough times, it loses all meaning. This may or may not have happened herein.


Beer News: East Coast > West Coast, sweet labels, and interesting ciders

Enough beer news this week to keep you afloat through this most beery of holiday weekends.

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