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Oyster shells

5 Things: Oysters, films, music, and pretending we’re in New Orleans

Let’s just keep acting like it’s spring, shall we? Leave your coat in the car and take a gander at these events this weekend.

Figure skating

5 Things: Comedy, classical music, skating, film, and some crazy people jumping into the James

How about some activities completely unrelated to shovels and salt?


5 Things: Pop stars, acrobats, video game soundtracks, films, and jokes

Here are some things to do this weekend (and maybe next week) that are not at all related to bread and milk and sledding.


5 Things: Beer, more beer, basketball, and giving back to the community

If your New Year’s resolution is related to weight loss and job advancement, we cannot help you. If your New Year’s resolution is related to drinking more beer, watching more sports, and listening to more music, read on.

Reed L Shannon as Michael Jackson (center) with the Jackson 5, Motown: The Musical First National Tour, (c) Joan Marcus, 2014.

5 Things: Films, plays, musicals, cover bands, and flowers

If you’re craving 90s music, I have a solution. If you’re craving Motown music, I have a solution. If you’re craving music related to ballet dancers explaining the legend of the poinsettia, I have a solution.


5 Things: Christmas stuff, Kwanzaa stuff, Boxing Day stuff, theatre stuff, fruitcake stuff

The holidays may be winding down but the activities surely are not.


5 Things: Shopping, lights, plays, space pirates, and space wars

You gotta shop some more, probably, but there’s all this stuff to do!


5 Things: Learnings, beers, crafts, bulleted lists

Now go forth and do these things!

no to christmas tree fire spinning

5 Things: Featuring no holidays whatsoever

Everything is holiday-obsessed right now, in case you hadn’t noticed, so here are some yule-free weekend activities to cleanse your palate!


5 Things: Movies, plays, moms, trains, and aliens

When the dishes are washed, you may proceed with your weekend.