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5 Things

It’s a little annoying how many things there are to do this weekend. Here’s hoping it’s cool to wear an Avatar: The Last Airbender “Azula” costume to the Electric Football Championships, because it’s all about saving time.


5 Things: Tunes, laughs, daggers, skulls, and cider, always cider

It’s really a bunch of things, loosely separated into five categories, but we didn’t think you’d mind.


5 Things: Dressin’ fresh, sippin’ brews, watchin’ bands, gettin’ hitched, and makin’ goals

Summer in the South. We sweat for it, but it’s worth it.


5 Things: Pets, a play, trees, another play, and salsa salsa salsa!

You’ve been working for the weekend and now the weekend is here. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?


5 Things: America, America, America, America, USA

This weekend is a fruited plain of many things to do, and we sure hope you will shed your grace upon it.


5 Things: Friday Cheers ends, South Pacific begins, burgers are eaten, and beers are gulped

The Arts & Culture Xpo is finally here, just in time to boost our spirits after we experience the annual departure of Friday Cheers. Also, it’s Burger Week, and there’s a beer thing you should check out as well.


5 Things: Comedy, Juneteenth, vegetables, dogs, and bodily locomotion

There is literally nothing on this list that is not a fest, in one way or another. It’s fest time, RVA, and that means fests. Many fests. Fests.


5 Things: Much Ado, Special Olympics, bikes, bikes, more bikes, and bacon

Hmm, the weekend. Let’s see, shall I cheer on a very exciting good cause? Or shall I see Shakespeare in a beautiful and historically appropriate setting? Should I ride my bike or hear a story about a bike? Or…should I just eat enough bacon until my pants fly apart of their own accord?


5 Things: Eating with gusto, watching with an open mind, and listening with both

It looks like five things, but it’s actually eight. And those eight things contain, cumulatively, a billion bands, a trillion restaurants, a bunch of panelists, and two very envelope-pushing plays.


5 Things: Greek food, music outdoors, pigs, bourbon, beer, and crystal balls

I am looking closely at your palm, and I can see…wait, what is this? It’s…it’s things. Five of them! Five of them to do this weekend!