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Binford Middle School open house tonight

Check out the local middle school.


Hogtober cancelled

What style of barbecue do you favor? I’m a KC or Texas man and almost anti-vinegar.

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Police seek four men involved in shooting

The shooting occurred around 1 a.m. Thursday near Hotchkiss Park on East Brookland Park Boulevard.


Good Morning, RVA: East or west, Joaquin?

Make up your dang mind!

The Maafa Kebuka is an annual self-determination ceremony designed to heal the effects of post traumatic enslavement on Black people in Richmond. Photo by Vanessa Nixon.

KUJICHAGULIA Means Self Determination: Reclaiming the untold stories of the Shockoe Bottom Resistance Movement – Part I

Maat Free lays down the foundation, and with it, we’re going to build a robust comprehension of the ongoing “How are we dealing with our slavery-related spaces?” issue.

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Two dogs fatally shot by RPD after dogs lunged at officers

Incident occurred Tuesday night around 7:30 PM.


Police seek suspect in robbery and aggravated assault

Although wanted in Henrico the suspect is known to frequent Gilpin Court.


Good Morning, RVA: The gray calm before the theoretical weekend storm

Tune in tomorrow to see what this weekend’s weather holds.


BRT FAQ #006: The left turn situation

Because of the nature of the beast, many left turns off Broad will no longer be possible. Here’s why, how, and what it’ll look like.


Forest View Monthly meeting to include Police Chief to talk crime

There might be a neighborhood walk through after the meeting.

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