Virginia Holocaust Museum board confirms its ousting of Jay Ipson

Last night the board announced that it will indeed remove the popular founder of the Holocaust Museum.

Jay Ipson

The 29-member board of directors for the Richmond Holocaust Museum reaffirmed last night its decision to remove Jay Ipson as the museum’s president and executive director, despite the museum being largely predicated on Ipson’s family experience during World War II. The decision was upheld despite public support of the ousted president.

In March, Ipson wrote a letter about possible unfair treatment of Holocaust survivors trying to obtain restitution from the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims. Several felt Ipson implicated a board member in the letter for stalling restitution. In April, Ipson apologized for what he called “errors in research and judgement.”

Last night, the board of directors announced that not only will Ipson’s title be removed–he will instead hold the honorary title of president emeritus–but he will no longer have offices in the museum he helped launch in 1997. Several board members did not comment on last night’s meeting, but secretary of the board, Jay Weinberg, said that a detailed plan of Ipson’s ouster will be made public in ten days.


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Nathan Cushing

Nathan Cushing is a writer, journalist, and RVANews Editor.

8 comments on Virginia Holocaust Museum board confirms its ousting of Jay Ipson

  1. anon on said:

    Oh well. Any guy who rocks a ten-gallon hat seems like a bad fit to be involved with the Holocause Museum.

  2. anon on said:

    Holocaust, that is.

  3. Maybe anon should read this.

  4. Mr. Ipson is a local hero because of his courage, conviction and dedication to keeping the valuable lessons of the Holocaust alive for students of all ages. His outster does not diminish his contributions. I suggest anyone wanting to learn about the Holocaust take the trip to Washington, DC to the Holocaust Museum there. Maybe Richmond’s Museum needs to see a slide in attendance and support to understand how we feel about the board’s actions against Mr. Ipson.

  5. Adolph on said:

    Reminds me of political correctness and egos of the 1930’s OH BOY..what’s to come?mmMMm??

  6. Liberty666 on said:

    This is definitely a tangled web, well at least the museum is getting publicity and i may visit just to see whats up.

  7. Matt on said:

    This is such a tragedy I can’t even think of an apt metaphor to describe how horrible this must be for Mr. Ipson. Never again.

  8. How unfortunate and what a shame.

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