RPS Superintendent Yvonne Brandon will leave her position June 30th

Dr. Yvonne Brandon, Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools, will leave her position June 30th.


Update #3 — April 16, 2013; 9:40 PM

Mayor Dwight Jones issued the following statement this afternoon following word that the Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools, Dr. Yvonne Brandon, will leave her position at the end of June (see below):

I have known and worked with my good friend, Dr. Yvonne Brandon, for more than 30 years. Her dedication to academic excellence for our children and our city is unquestionable, and she has played a vital role in moving the school system forward. I wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

I believe that for us to build the best Richmond, we must build a world class education system. I look forward to working with the School Board to select the next Richmond Public Schools superintendent who will help take us to even greater heights.

— ∮∮∮ —

Update #2 — April 16, 2013; 3:26 PM

In a press conference today, Richmond Public Schools confirmed that Superintendent Yvonne Brandon would be leaving her position on June 30th. Chairman of the School Board Jeff Bourne said RPS would “look everywhere” both in the district and outside of it for her replacement.

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Update #1 — April 16, 2013; 9:46 AM

Jeffery Bourne, Chairman of the School Board, did not comment directly on the report, but told RVANews: “We are having an announcement at 3:00 PM regarding the future of Richmond Public Schools.”

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Original — April 16, 2013

According to NBC12, Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Brandon will leave her position in June. Sources indicate that there will be a press conference announcing the decision today at 3:00 PM.

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8 comments on RPS Superintendent Yvonne Brandon will leave her position June 30th

  1. Hugh Jarse on said:

    Excellent news- Brandon wasn’t qualified for the job in the first place. Now, will they hold a proper search for a new leader or will they promote one of Yvonne’s stooges like Victoria Oakley? If the former, this could be a big turning point for RPS. If the latter…? Business as usual.

    Choose wisely, folks.

  2. Susan on said:

    As happy as I am to see Brandon leaving her post, I agree – if they replace her with another stooge, we’re right back to where we don’t want to be.

  3. RPSTeach on said:

    RPS didn’t conduct a search last time and look where that got us, with Brandon – her lifelong experience is with RPS. The board and the city council are right on, they should NOT have confidence in her ability to do the job. Now RPS needs to step up and do the right thing by conducting a search for the right person with full transparency. Remember when Henrico needed a new Sup. they held public meetings with final candidates, RPS shut the doors, hired Brandon and made the announcement. No transparency and no public input. It is time to do the right thing for the children and citizens of Richmond VA.

  4. She could only work with what she had or was given. The City of Richmond does not want to help its own school system. The Mayor and City Council are to blame for a lack of funding and overall suport of education. The students & teachers are hurt by the decisions made by the overall “powers that be”. Change is great if it is positive, but negative change is the start of a downward spiral!

  5. RPSTeach on said:

    KRH I disagree! A true leader takes whatever they are given and has an impact on positive change. Brandon accepetd the status quo, embraced the nepotism and lied to the residents of Richmond on more than one occassion. Were you there when she told bold faced lies about the warehoused computers, what about when she lied about how the IT director got his job, underqualified but yet she promoted him, were you there when she told bold faced lies to the parents over the Maymont preschool change? What about when ________ insert 100 different scenarios from missing funds to a bloated administration she lied time and time again to cover her own inadequacies. She was not qualified to be appointed into the position in the first place and she has proved she does not have the qualifications to continue in the job. “Ding dong, ding dong the……”

  6. Hugh Jarse on said:

    “She could only work with what she had or was given. ”

    Like when she stood in front of a group of teachers, announced their school was closing, but paused every 6 seconds to lick Cheetohs dust off her fingers? Was that City Council’s fault? Was is the Mayor’s fault that computer equipment went into warehouses and sat untouched for 3-4 years? Was it City Council’s fault that classroom positions and budgets always got cut, but the Superintendent’s salary and staff budget stayed the same?

  7. The School Board may have likely voted her out at the end of the year anyway. This board seems to be set on getting things done (I hope). They passed a balanced budget and made some tough decisions on school closings. One of the big issues with RPS is the absolute incompetency of upper-level management. I know a handful of teachers in the system and I am absolutely shocked by the stories they tell about the people who oversee entire subject areas and parts of the district. ONE of the issues with RPS, of that there are many, is the failure of the superintendent and assistant superintendents (and dept. heads at the central level) to hire and/or motivate staff into wanting to be better. If Brandon is truly going, I hope they hire a strong leader who can serve as a role model and rid the central offices of nepotism and do-nothing administrators. I know of at least one central administrator who was PROMOTED instead of fired for incompetency, they couldn’t put her anywhere else so they gave her a better paying job that she was/is completely unqualified for.

  8. Morgan on said:

    The problems you talk about concerning RPS unfortunately mirrors issues throughout just about every department in the city… many changes need to be made in toto

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