Mitt Romney to speak at UR on Sunday

Two weeks after his last visit to the area, Republican nominee Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak at a rally on the campus of the University of Richmond.

Mitt Romney will speak at a rally at the University of Richmond this Sunday, October 28th. The rally will take place at 4:15 PM inside the Robins Center. Doors to the event will open at 2:15 PM.

Tickets for the rally are free and can be reserved at Romney’s last appearance in the area was on October 12th in Chesterfield.

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5 comments on Mitt Romney to speak at UR on Sunday

  1. Hugh Jarse on said:

    Fitting that Rmoney’s speaking at a university to which the vast majority of Virginians could not afford to attend. Too bad I couldn’t just borrow $125,000 from my parents.

  2. Petes Dragon UR allumni on said:

    LOL its actually 50,000 a year to go there now, they raised the price to be on par with the IVY league school cost, without changing much of the curriculum. Its all about image. Sigh…….so you would need to barrow 200,000 for four years and then some….

  3. On the topic of money, UR’s indie newspaper reports that the Romney campaign will pay to rent the Robins Center for Sunday’s rally because the school cannot sponsor any presidential candidate. Back when Obama visited the school last year (well before the run-up to the election) the administration conducted their rally free of charge.

  4. Matt on said:

    @Nathan I think you answered your own question. Obama was not a “presidential candidate” when he spoke at UR.

  5. @Matt – Ah, I can see how you would think I was asking a question, but I was merely adding a tidbit to the story!

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