VCU Athletics announces new strategic plan

Among the goals of the new plan is to build brand recognition and develop a women’s lacrosse team.

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VCU Athletics debuted its new strategic plan today. The 19-page document called “VCU Rising: The Black & Gold Standard” outlines the goals, strategies, and core values of the athletics department.

“VCU Athletics has reached a critical point where we have the ability to compete at an elite level nationally and win championships–even national championships,” said the Director of Athletics, Ed McLaughlin. “This strategic plan lays the foundation we will build upon to achieve the status of a premier NCAA Division I athletic program.”

Among its outlined goals, VCU Athletics will strive to hire and retain elite coaches and staff, enhance athletic facilities (including finding a long-term home for its baseball team), create a women’s lacrosse team, and embrace diversity. Unfortunately for football fans, there’s no mention of VCU creating a football team.

Development of the new strategic plan began in late 2012 when VCU hired Florida-based CarrSports Consulting to oversee the process. Here are the Strategic Themes mentioned in the new strategic plan, as well as notable items:

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Strengthen Division 1 position

  • Increase overall competitiveness
  • Strengthen VCU Athletics’ brand identity across the city, state, and nation

Enrich student-athlete experience

  • Maintain Title IX compliance
  • Recognize student-athlete achievement

Expect academic success

  • Improve student-athlete retention
  • Increase number of graduates

Provide championship-quality facilities

  • Upgrade Sports Backers stadium
  • Determine long-term home for baseball team
  • Identify sites for long-term facilities projects

Grow revenue

  • Develop a sustainable revenue model
  • Increase philanthropic donations and participation
  • Grow revenue in women’s basketball and Olympic sports
  • Maximize corporate partnership revenue

Sustain fiscal responsibility

  • Establish reserve funds
  • Satisfy state, university, and conference audit reviews

Embrace equity and diversity

  • Advocate, implement, and monitor policies and procedures that promote diversity
  • Create environment where differences are welcomed

Construct an optimal Division 1 infrastructure

  • Introduce and fully implement women’s lacrosse
  • Redefine the role of the Intercollegiate Athletic Council (IAC)
  • Improve support services
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Nathan Cushing

Nathan Cushing is a writer, journalist, and RVANews Editor.

1 comment on VCU Athletics announces new strategic plan

  1. keith on said:

    just a opinion , VCU needs to lose it’s mid major status . you are either in half way or all the way . which is it? focus on strengths and fix weaknesses . I would be questioning why 2 nationally rank specialties were dropped from this year’s US news best hospital listings, if anything more should have been added . VCU basketball is awesome and this is from someone who hates the NBA . football should be added at some point , I think it is the only thing that keeps VA TECH going sport’s wise . huge money. as far as baseball , and I have lived here my entire life , it was a huge loss when the Richmond braves left town , it basically put us in small town status , I am not into Richmond squirrels and that is not to say they have not been great for this city , but when you lose a team that has been here almost 50 years, it is tough , make no mistake I do want a new stadium that is multi functional , concerts , festivals , VCU baseball , you name it . a premier destination , maybe right beside a VCU football stadium , I can dream right

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