Favorites: Penny Lane’s shepherd’s pie


There will be leftovers.

Midway through your pint of bitter, when the cottage pie ($11.25) arrives at your table still bubbling and steaming, you’ll realize you could never finish the whole thing–even after a day’s fast. Penny Lane is a proper pub, and accordingly serves hearty pub fare. This variation on shepherd’s pie–it has beef instead of lamb–will fill you up with its layers of minced meat, carrots, peas, and mashed potatoes. And unless you share with friends, you’re covered for lunch and dinner tomorrow, too.

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Penny Lane Pub

  • 421 E. Franklin Street
  • Monday – Saturday, 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
  • Sunday, Hours vary, check site for details.
  • pennylanepub.com

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Daniel Warshaw

Daniel Warshaw would rather be taking pictures.

3 comments on Favorites: Penny Lane’s shepherd’s pie

  1. Shaky Smarty on said:

    Canned peas? Yuck. Fresh/frozen peas don’t look like that.

  2. Last time I ate there, I specifically asked the server if they used beer when making the dish I ordered and made it VERY clear that I am allergic to hops. I was assured that the dish didn’t have beer/hops in it, but when I got it we could smell the beer in my food. The server did nothing to correct the situation, so I ended up trading food with a friend, but what a complete disappointment. I haven’t been back since… maybe it’s time to try again. I hate to hold a grudge. Hmm.

  3. Valeri Izzo on said:

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