Commonwealth Power Rankings, February 25th

For teams like VCU, Norfolk State, and UVA, their most important games are in the next month. For fans in the Commonwealth, the best basketball is just beginning.

Commonwealth Power Rankings

In basketball, Longwood and Liberty rarely capture the attentions of…well anyone other than Longwood and Liberty. That all changed Tuesday night when they became the first two teams to both top 100 points in regulation since 11/11/11.

With 3:55 remaining, Longwood was leading 80-68 heading into the final media timeout. Over the next four minutes, the teams combined for 55 points in an effort that demonstrated just how bad their defenses are and how even players from the Big South can drain 3-pointers.

Behind the efforts of Longwood’s Tristan Carey who finished with 40 points and 12 rebounds, and Liberty’s Davon Marshall who finished with 31 points, the two teams combined for 34 points in the final two minutes. Liberty failed to complete the comeback, but Longwood’s 102-101 victory will be remembered as one of those wacky things that happens in the Big South every few years.

Looking back, last week’s game of the week was a bit of a surprise. This week’s game of the week shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who watched any college basketball in 2011. Butler visits VCU on Saturday at noon in their first matchup since the 2011 Final Four.

Coach Brad Stevens and Coach Shaka Smart have turned down multiple multi-million dollar contracts since Houston, and they now find themselves pitted against each other in an Atlantic-10 contest with seeding implications for the A-10 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

For teams like VCU, Norfolk State, and UVA, their most important games are in the next month. For others like ODU (banned from the CAA Tournament), this season can’t end soon enough. For fans in the Commonwealth, the best basketball is just beginning.

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22-6, 10-3

The Rams are capable of dominating or being entirely mediocre. Saturday they were both in a comeback victory over Xavier.Aaron Williams




19-8, 9-5

No shame in going down to the wire against the No. 2 team in the country, and the Hoos recover nicely with a commanding win over Georgia Tech.Brian Leung


15 PTS

Norfolk State

18-10, 13-0

Another week, another set of wins. Who else would like to see the Spartans make an NCAA tourney run again?Joshua Grice


17 PTS


16-11, 6-6

Terry Allen, Deion Taylor and Olonzo Nelson-Ododa commanded the court on Saturday, flying past the Fordham Rams for a much-needed win. The Spiders are on track for making the cut for the A10 tourney.Joshua Grice


19 PTS

George Mason

17-11, 10-6

In the Commonwealth, George Mason is probably the fourth potential tournament team. Even so, there is a lot–a lot–that they need to get done.Brian Leung


21 PTS

Virginia Tech

12-15, 3-11

Nine straight losses heading into Sunday’s game vs. FSU. Here’s something to think about: head coach James Johnson is the only current ACC coach to have ZERO previous head coaching experience before getting his current job.Gary Cope


31 PTS


16-14, 10-7

The Dukes followed two straight wins with consecutive losses and have fallen to the middle of the pack in the down CAA.Mark Selig


31 PTS

William & Mary

12-15, 6-10

Thoughts and prayers for the Tribe family on the loss of Bob Sheeran.Gary Cope


38 PTS


11-15, 8-4

Played Norfolk State tough. Could be a dangerous conference tournament team.Gary Cope


38 PTS


11-16, 6-8

The Keydets six-game losing streak reached a new low Saturday after a 112-74 loss to Marist.Aaron Williams


45 PTS


10-19, 5-9

Despite having 10 wins, Liberty ranks 330 out of 347 in the RPI.Aaron Williams


49 PTS


12-17, 6-8

First a loss to Longwood and then back-to-back OT losses. Time to call it a season, Highlander fans.Gary Cope


50 PTS

Old Dominion

4-24, 2-14

The answer to any joke about ODU basketball is quite simply, “but we beat Virginia.”Gary Cope


51 PTS


6-23, 3-11

The Lancers started the season 3-21. They are 3-2 over their past five games, and Tristan Carey is coming into his own.Aaron Williams

Contributors: Gary Cope (VT;, Joshua Grice (UR; Richmond Rowdies), Brian Leung (UVA;, Mark Selig (JMU;, Aaron Williams (VCU; RVANews)

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2 comments on Commonwealth Power Rankings, February 25th

  1. Matt K on said:

    VT should not be in the top 10…possibly tied at 10 with VMI.

  2. kevin on said:

    agreed, vt shouldn’t be in the top 10. and these tibits of these teams were out of date for this being posted today, vt ended their losing streak .

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