Belvidere at Broad owner opens up about closing

Many around town were surprised when the Belvidere announced it would close later this week. One of the owners talks about the decision, and why they closed earlier than expected.

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Last Sunday, Belvidere on Broad announced that it would close after operating for just over three years. David Hassen, one of the owners of the restaurant, wrote about the closing in an email to RVANews:

The business wasn’t meeting our performance objectives and given other commitments we felt this was the appropriate time and decision. It was a difficult choice but our immediate goal is to transition the property and/or business to new ownership so that another team can take the property to the next level. We have really appreciated all of the support from our staff, customers and vendors. I also can’t say enough good things about the other businesses along Broad St. that have supported our efforts over the years.

On Sunday, the restaurant said it would close this Thursday, August 16th. However, large turnouts in the last two days resulted in a food shortage, forcing them to officially close on Tuesday.

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Nathan Cushing

Nathan Cushing is a writer, journalist, and RVANews Editor.

8 comments on Belvidere at Broad owner opens up about closing

  1. Dang. Was hoping for one last love affair with those sweet potato fries. Sad these guys are closing.

  2. sarah beth on said:


  3. Citizen Tom on said:

    I am missing those crab cakes and now we hear we missed our last chance…..

  4. Brodie on said:

    What a shame. B@B was one of my all time favorite places. Loved the tuna tacos and excellent drink selection.

  5. Beth on said:

    I ate here with my boyfriend two months ago and we both ordered burgers on the medium/well end of the spectrum yet received very pink and soggy burgers. Heard the table next to us say the same thing. So not too bumbed about it closing.

  6. bopst on said:

    I hate when anyone loses their job. Best of luck to all those concerned…

  7. Fyeah on said:

    It was so nice of them the give their employees a good 4 days warning that they were out of a job. Such class.

  8. Just learned about this … such a shame! You guys had the best gluten-free hamburger on the East Coast. And now it’s gone :(

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