The Bopst Show – Episode 7

Laughing at The Boss’s Jokes


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Opening this week’s edition of the Bopst Show is one of the great jazz trumpeters of all time, Freddie Hubbard during an infamous 1967 concert with Max Roach as he berates the European audience with a slew of obscenities. Needless to say, but it is an interesting way for an entertainer is endear himself to his listening audience.

This is but one of the many cringe inducing moments on this podcast for those whose ears can’t stomach frank language with musical backing. If you upset easily, it might be a good idea to avoid listening to this week’s show. It is chock full of questionable content. The Last Poets visceral (and repeated) use of the the N-word on their still unsettling, “Niggers Are Scared of Revolution” from 1970, Connie Vannett’s brazenly suggestive ode to her cat’s numerous hardships (“The Pussy Cat Song”) and Lucille Bogan’s seriously profane, “Shave ‘Em Dry” are just a few of the audio moments contained within that may cause you to weep uncontrollably.

For the rest of us though, that is good listening. For years I wanted to play many of these songs, but due to FCC regulations, I couldn’t. Some might surmise that this week’s episode is a juvenile exercise in potty mouth extremes, but I believe each moment of questionable content is well worth hearing. The one tune that gives me the serious creeps doesn’t contain a single dirty word. It is disturbingly catchy ditty from Robin & Crystal Bernard called, “The Monkey Song” introduced by evil incarnate, Jerry Falwell. I get creeped out just thinking about it.

Not of the possibly offensive variety are tunes by Penilgrass, Johnny Cash, Saccharine Trust and many others sure to titillate any curious ear drum. Also, I have posted the track listings for my previous 6 podcasts here on RVA News on my MySpace Page if you like tidy little lists. I’ll post the listing of each upcoming show there as well.

The week also marks the first request filled on the podcast edition of the Bopst Show. As always, if you want to make a request, don’t be shy. Call (804) 767-2550.

Until Next Time:

Stay Clean,

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Chris Bopst

Chris Bopst believes that god is nothing more than the summation of us all. At least, that’s what the goose bumps tell him.

47 comments on The Bopst Show – Episode 7

  1. Hello?

  2. BP on said:

    a) Verizon internet was down half the day;
    b) it’s now back up, but for some reason I can’t download the episode, though I don’t know if that’s b/c I’m too new to iTunes to figure out what’s amiss.


  3. BP on said:

    YAY! Downloading happening!

  4. I’m glad somebody is listening. Sometimes I wonder…

  5. aaron on said:

    itunes won’t update the podcast for me. i can still download it from here, it’s just not the same…

  6. yeah, I’ve heard that itunes doesn’t update the show. Being too stupid to know how to make that possible, I hope it isn’t too much of an inconvenience.

    If anyone knows how to manipulate itunes to make new shows magically appear there, I’m all ears…

  7. BP on said:

    My go-around, which worked on this episode just as well as the others: I download the podcast to my computer (by right clicking the link under the download option above, and then selecting download). I then open iTunes and drag-n-drop (essentially copy) the download file into iTunes on my computer. From where iTunes happiness can happen. As for magically appear, hm, I got nuttin.

    Nice way to let us in on which was the request BTW.

  8. RSS working through episode 6! No ep. 7 yet…

    So I was thinking, ya’ll should get this here internet show setup on iTunes, just might get some countrywide and worldwide listeners. Would be happy to promote it where I can…

    I am assuming it is not on iTunes yet, since I searched for “bopst” and got no bopst show

  9. Matt on said:

    I recently started watching Deadwood, thus I scarcely noticed any of the profanity in episode 7 of the Bopst show.
    Being desensitized is awesome.

  10. Life is an x-rated experience…

  11. Guys I am an idiot, I forgot to add the seventh episode to the podcast feed. Totally apologize.

    As for iTunes Music Store, I don’t know what the crap is up with it. The feed, at this point, “has already been submitted.” I’ll look into it I guess.

  12. beth on said:

    No Earthly Good is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for playing it!

  13. The line:

    “You’re so heavenly minded and you’re no earthly good”

    seems to sum up a lot of what passes as religious belief these days…

  14. GJ on said:

    Probably my favorite show to date…

  15. Thank you. I liked this one too though I think next Monday’s episode (6/9/08) featuring some mildly disturbing (OK…profoundly unsettlingly) audio of former Different Strokes star Gary Coleman being, um, “sexy” is not too shabby neither. I try to make each show better than the last. Wish me luck…

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