The Bopst Show — Episode 1

Another Richmond fixture scorned leaps from the ashes. Introducing The Bopst Show.

Back in March, Chris Bopst was unceremoniously screwed over by WCLM 1450 AM, and he took it upon himself to depart. Rightfully so as he was passed over for Kirby Carmichael – yeah, just click that. You’ll understand the outrage.

As is their way (see this guy), RVANews jumped on the chance to give this recently-silenced voice of Richmond the chance to reach at least a snippet of his former audience, and hopefully give the n00bz a chance to see where it’s at. Thus we have The Bopst Show, a weekly podcast available only on RVANews that blesses us all with the DJ stylings of The Mr. Chris Bopst.

A few things you should know about the man behind the magic:

1. He was in GWAR.

2. His podcasts are like the most wonderfully irreverent and eclectic mixed tape dropped down from heaven with a parachute made of angel wing feathers.

3. Oh yeah, HE WAS IN GWAR.

But seriously, about number 2, while at WCLM, Bopst was known for sticking it the man and mixing up genres. He’s doing the same thing here, giving you a great sampling of the familiar, vaguely familiar, and the “Hmm I have no idea what this is but it was exactly what I wanted to listen to.”

I’d recommend putting Bopst in your weekly must-listens for work – but keep your headphones on as there is some “explicit” content every now and then.


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Valerie Catrow

Valerie Catrow is managing editor of RVAFamily. When she’s not oversharing her parenting struggles and successes, you can find her raising a preschool-aged boy and watching 90s television shows.

87 comments on The Bopst Show — Episode 1

  1. tony on said:

    Bopst! YES

  2. Can i download the bopst show onto a mp3 or cd.if so,how.thanks
    glad to have ya back!!

  3. todd on said:

    just in time!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah, you can download it. You just click the link under “Download” You can also subscribe to the feed.

  5. Thank god he’s back!

  6. Josh on said:

    Thanks to all involved. This podcast alone makes Richmond twice as nice as it’s been since WCLM changed its program schedule.

  7. Sara on said:

    I cried for weeks and rent my clothing! Thank you Mr. Bopst for coming back on the airwaves!

  8. savage on said:

    You guys hosting this podcast is not only great for Richmond but for us Boston listeners as well. We’ve been missin’ the show up here and are glad to have it back…and at a higher streaming quality ta’ boot! Keep ‘em comin’.

  9. You guys are awesome for getting this back up and running. I hope it’s a long term thing because iTunes is all set to fill my iPod with Bopst!

  10. Congratulations Bopst on your wonderful premiere podcast!

  11. Mattkins on said:

    Welcome back to my ears, Bopst Show! I am still having trouble adjusting to the new boost in fidelity–it sounds strange to not have that familiar AM frequency whine in the background. Good to hear the show again. Keep on bringing the noise, Bopst!

  12. Nolan Cook on said:

    Against the backdrop of mediocrity and banality in music, radio and American life in general, The Bopst Show is a vital and important entity. RVA news has made a wise decision in carrying this program.

  13. Welcome back, bud! :o)

  14. 80mb file downloads?! Hate to see your server bill! but bless you all…

    Mr. Bopst, Any chance you’d print the playlist with musician and song (like when you wrote for Those were great especially when you are buying new music…

  15. I don’t know if we are allowed to post the track listing or not. I think it changes the licensing agreements (which we are still looking into).

    I’m sure, in the mean time, if you MySpace’d Chris he’d be more than happy to tell you.

  16. Parker on said:

    Great stuff, Mr. Bopst! The Barry White sound clip had me laughing my ass off…

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  19. todd on said:

    where is episode 2……

  20. Bowillie Smith, Jr. on said:

    Yes! Glad to see Bopst Show on here. I guess he didn’t play enough of the same ole soul ‘n’ R&B bullshit from WCLM’s taste…Kirby Carmichael has “It’s Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie” up on his myspace page — enough said.

  21. Thank you for listening people. This show was fun to do. To not have to subscribe to antiquated FCC notions of decency is a beautiful thing especially after years of having to abide by it. As you well know, life is an X-rated experience. Especially when it’s lived properly.

    Sadly, if you are a poorly raised child or are faint of heart of heart when it comes to hearing certain vocal utterances, this show (and next 2 to come) might include some cringe inducing moments. Bare with me, I’m working on a special PG-13 episode suitable for family listening. Until then, expect the occasional profanity.

    I used the free program audacity to make this show. It’s fun and easy to use and I strongly suggest using it if you want to mess around with sound. I have to publicly thank and give awkward sloppy kisses to Robert Livingston Reid for leading me the Shure SM57 microphone and Tascam US-122 USB Audio/MIDI interface so that my voice could be heard on these series of podcasts for RVA News. He also was responsible for recording many of my commercials for my shows on WVNZ 1320 AM and WCLM 1450 AM as well. He tells me that if this podcasting thing works out, he’ll sell me the stuff for cheap.

    As with any Bopst Shows, there is a certain amount of failure. This show is no exception.

    Failure #1: I didn’t tell you who performed the vibe driven instrumental that comes after, “Shit From An Old Notebook” by the Minutemen. It is Cal Tjader and the song is called, “Moneypenny”. I found it on the blog Funky 16 Corners. Check that site out. It’s the proverbial feces.

    Failure #2: At the very end of the show, my beautiful and multi-talented wife Jennifer incorrectly states, “The following broadcast of the Bopst Show has been brought to you by…”. I woke her up late at night to record it from a deep sleep and gave her faulty instruction.

    I found the Barry White and Jim Bacchus clips on April Winchell’s magical site. If you want to spend the next couple of hours giggling, check out that site.

    If you have problems listening to or downloading the show, please state your problems here to hopefully correct any problems you may be having. I spend far too much joyous time constructing these podcasts for you not to hear them.

    It’s really great to make my show available on a site such as this. The importance of who owns the media can not be overstated.

    A new installment of the Bopst Show will be posted next Monday, April 28th. I hope you can find the time to give it a listen.

  22. josh from the crew on said:

    Oh man, the company is saved. Afternoon productivity was at an all-time low without the Bopst show, but now I have a reason to work again…

  23. Richard Strauss on said:

    Ich kann nie genug hab’ . . . aber wo bist Wäko, Täksass?

  24. I wonder if Strauss thought his music would be the perfect set up for Barry White out takes…

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  26. J. Tyler Ballance on said:

    Bopst: After hearing your podcast, I wrote a note to Jimmy Barrett over at WRVA asking him to invite you to do the afternoon drive-time slot.

    Jimmy’s response, was as always, polite and professional, but it also revealed why corporate ownership of local radio is NOT in the best interest of the People. Jimmy wrote that he had previously talked with Bopst, and had recommended that Bopst was better suited to an online community rather than his, enslaved to Arbitron, corporate-run station.

    I am sure that if we had local, independent ownership of all radio and television stations, the public would not have to suffer through those idiotic Limbaugh wannabe political rant programs that big corporate media seems to love so much. Oh, the defenders of the multinational corporate-owned stations will say that their decisions are all ratings driven, but when your only choice is between shrill Midwestern political rants or rants originating on either coast, then there really is no choice. The People own the airwaves and the People are not being well served.

    If Eric Cantor was worth a damn, he would call for Congressional hearings into the lack of competition in radio and TV and take action to break up the oligopolies who dictate to us via their corporate puppet stations.

    Bopst online is a breath of fresh air. I hope everyone will encourage their co-workers to download his podcast and listen to Bopst instead of those corporate owned rant-a-thons.

  27. Parker on said:

    Ah…WRVA…generic, run of the mill, right-wing propaganda…no thanks. Tis a shame. Radio in general, especially music radio (there are exceptions of course) is a trite form of “entertainment/information” these days and for the most part seems geared for those that are content on hearing the same playlists from the same 24 bands until it squeezes any amount of originality from it’s station that it has left. So much potential, such a waste of time/money. Yay, corporate America…continue to try to make us robots.

  28. Thank you Mr. Balance for pointing out the obvious. If you could hear some of the discussions I’ve had with, um, “radio professionals”, it’s enough to make your stomach turn. Though I am still in discussions about getting the show back on the radio (fingers crossed), it seems painfully obvious to me that what I do isn’t going to get the green light from any distant, far off corporate office any time soon. Jimmy Barrett has had nice things to say about my show, but his hands are tied. He couldn’t get my show on the air even if he wanted to.

    What always strikes me as funny is the standard, “we love to, but we can’t” response from local programming directors. I am viewed as a curious oddity. The audience that I have built up over the years is considered nothing more than a lunatic fringe, a out of touch with mainstream America collection of folks who programmers dismiss in order to cater solely to American Idol fans. My standard response is that for as many people who quest that type of dullard entertainment, there are twice as many that view it with the enthusiasm usually reserved for prostate exams. I like to use the old Nixon phase that we are a silent majority that is not represented in any shape or form on the nation’s airwaves. I continue to believe with every fiber of my being that if there was a commercial (it is an important distinction) radio station with broadcasting power that offered real musical variety, it would be wildly successful. The problem is that nobody in the industry has the intestinal fortitude or foresight to take the calculated risk to adopt to the changing marketplace. The vast majority of the media companies still operate in the 21st century with 20th century mentalities.

    My continual goal is prove that musical variety can not only find a large listening and diverse audience, but would also prove (and most importantly) itself financially. Many people have suggested that I move my show to WRIR, but, with all due respect to the fine folks at that essential station, I consider a move to the station a concession of defeat. For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be relegated to the fringes of the dial that has given credence to the argument that radio that doesn’t subscribe exclusively to corporate mandated play lists and genre specific formatting isn’t going to make money. Though I am not under the delusion that a show such as mine would appeal to the Puddle of Mud (insert any overplayed corporate creation here), I believe, if given a chance to exist, my show would find a sizeable audience on a big station. I was able to cultivate an audience on a tiny, 1,000 watt AM station that most people couldn’t even pick up so imagine what my show (or a show like mine) would be able to draw if people could tune into it with relative ease? I mean, what more do radio programmers want from a DJ? Over the years, my show found an audience, proved that advertisers money was well spent and was a critical and listener success written about in the local, national and international press. I feel I have proven many times over that the Bopst Show is viable commercial outlet and I don’t know what more I have to do to convince people of it’s merits in the industry.

    To be honest, I don’t know a single person who listens to the radio other than by default. Radio is painfully slow to realize that not all us are enamored with hearing the Eagles (again, insert overplayed corporate creation here) over and over and over again. Besides, if they don’t offer programming that doesn’t make you dumber the more you listen to it, you can ever so easily bypass their stupefying broadcasts with a myriad of different listening options. I’m amazed radio doesn’t realize this. They have never been easier to avoid and yet, they insist on carrying on as if they are still the game in town for musical entertainment.

    Anyway, the future of radio is the Internet and I’m glad to make my show available to you on a site such as this. I can’t thank RVA News enough for having me here and to you for taking the time to give my show a listen. I spend ridiculous amounts of time constructing these podcasts as I take the job of (hopefully) entertaining you very seriously. I consider what I do and what I did on the local airwaves for last 5 and a half years as a political act of defiance as much as a music entertainment program.

    I hope you do to…

    The next installment of the Bopst Show will be posted Monday, April 28th.

  29. Woah! Well, any DJ who’d play Blind Man’s Penis on his inaugural podcast is worth his weight in poetry.

    And speaking of worthy podcasts, we’re seeking them. But how to write you the pitch? What’s yer contact info? I’m sending you more in a MySpace message. laters,

    - TradeMark G. / The ECC

  30. D. Washburn on said:

    I hope you get rich.

  31. Paul on said:

    It is my pleasure to advise you that the debut of the Bopst show podcast occurred on my birthday April 20,2008.I don’t know about you but my life just got more interesting just to have this little gem of audio entertainment available to me.This online medium is the future opening up right before our eyes and ears,lets enjoy it while we can before the ever-corrupting tendency to milk as much profit out of everything as possible screws it up too.

  32. Finally some REAL entertainment. This is totally cool!

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  85. Stu Gilchrist on said:

    Chris, I had heard you were doing a show years back and then immediately forgot. Recently got “sucked in and trapped” in facebookland and found all those whom I forgotten and lost which has led me back to where my brain cells began leaking out my ear cannel. So I start at the beginning and I can finally rid myself of Pandora and FINETUNE and just let you do the hoodoo voodoo daddy-o!

  86. bopst on said:

    Sweet. As of tomorrow, there will be 90 hours of shows for ear digestion…

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