Beer News: Winners, smoking, money, children, and Oregon

We’ve got winners aplenty, a discussion on the high cost of good things, important news for smokers, and things to do with your weekend.

Ellwood Thompson's Local Market

Details surrounding Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market expansion emerge

The Carytown store is upping its food and booze game with a new made-to-order kitchen called Create and a new bar and café area.


Carytown Cupcakes hosting coffee-themed week to launch new draft-based cold brew

The shop will launch a new artisanal cold brew coffee from Confluence Coffee.


TIP! Do a ton of spinning, get discounts

Stationary cycling is a great way to stay in shape…everybody keeps telling us.

dogs poker

5 Things: Dogs, second lines, soccer, 1990s R&B, sustainable fun, and a jamboree

Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still we can’t let this summer go. It’s unnatural, we belong to it, and it belongs to us.


TIP! Recycling Perks are a real thing

You can get free stuff from all over town just by making the ultimate sacrifice and putting some trash in cans and other trash in other cans.


Making the most of cycling fever: More fever!

There are more things you need to know about how to celebrate cyclelife (which is what the kids are probably calling it) during the next month in bike-race-related-but-not-necessarily-bike-race-affiliated things.


Coffee with Strangers meets with RVANews’ Lauren Millard

Let’s hear it for Lauren.

Restaurant build out unearths menu board from the past

Inflation is a bitch.

glitter unicorn

The magical glitter unicorn public schools of our collective dreaming

The solution is out there. This teacher thinks that if we work together, the answer to all of our public school problems will no longer be a myth.