Richmond during the Civil War: Thanksgiving

Did you know that a woman named Sarah, a president named Abe, and events that transpired over 200 years after the first Thanksgiving feast helped establish the holiday we now celebrate?


Planning for (recovering from) Thanksgiving: food and family

What to do with yourself, your family, and your feelings of sleepiness slash boredom.

the dads

The Dads are back in town: Legendary RVA band takes the stage this Friday

A triumphant return for the Dads, a beloved anchor of the Richmond music scene in the 1980s. Their new album is here, and it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate a golden age of RVA music.

Food Review: Shockoe Whiskey & Wine Brings Few Surprises But Fine Food to the Table →

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.32.47 AM

Spend the daylight in the whitewater and the night watching whitewater video

Pro tip do NOT do a Google video search for “paddling”.

Richmond Past: A letter to Spain

History comes from the most interesting of spots.


Go Do This: Gypsy

Everything’s coming up roses at Virginia Rep right now, and some people (including us) think it’s all well-deserved. These are all Gypsy references! Now may we entertain you with a lively review?

Picture of the Day: Purple sunset over the James

bridge james river richmond fall

PHOTOS: A drone’s-eye view of RVA in the fall

Uh, we are kind of amazed and astonished at how beautiful these drone-enabled shots are. #5 will short your circuit! Photos courtesy of Creative Dog Media.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.47.58 AM

Parts of Dock Street closed on November 23rd and 24th

We predict traffic will be messed up and people will complain.