Woodland Heights Food Truck Friday

Summer is melting away, enjoy it while you can.

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Rock throwing Belle Isle vandal sought by police

Vandals everywhere you look.


Help a J.B. Fisher student recover from burn injuries

An online effort to help raise $10,000.


Neighborhood meeting to voice concerns about rising crime

A call for more police in the neighborhood.


Victory Farms concerned about plans for Dominion Virginia Power substation

There is an open house community meeting on this subject scheduled for TOMORROW NIGHT Wednesday, July 29th from 7 – 8:30pm at the Antioch Baptist Church, 1384 New Market Road, Varina.


Enjoy your Friday morning mocha with music

Friday morning at Crossroads (3600 Forest Hill Avenue) is the place to be unless you don’t like fun.

Deborah Alsko poster

Brave animal stories at the Westover Hills Library

Join the Backpack Storyteller Deborah Alsko on Tuesday, August 4th at 11:00 AM.


Roundabout tree falls to vandal’s axe

If a tree falls in a roundabout and nobody is there to hear it…….


Quick Thanks – Love Our Neighborhoods

We live in a pretty darn special spot.

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James River Park System PSA – Pick up Your Trash!

Pick up after yourselves and others.