wild wander

Handmade Holiday Clara Cline of Wild Wander illustrates Virginia’s curiosities

Our latest Handmade Holiday features Virginia-inspired prints (and printed material) and the artist who makes them.


5 Things: Movies, plays, moms, trains, and aliens

When the dishes are washed, you may proceed with your weekend.

lady day

Go Do This: Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill

One night last week, I spent a nerve-wracking evening in the Basement, watching Billie Holiday break down. What were YOU doing?

Lion King

Lion King tickets on sale Friday, November 20th

Tickets go on sale tomorrow! Don’t get downhearted, every time that you’ve…(Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!)


UPDATE: Sugar Pad scheduled to become park!

That’s a wrap, says the City, officially. We’re not permitted to organize events at the Sugar Pad, and the Peace Wall is also a no-go.

la boheme poster

5 Things: Plays, operas, moonshine, and the 1980s

That’s a lot of stuff for one weekend, but we have confidence in you.

rvanews live #005

The RVABooze roundup

With RVANews Live #005: RVABooze just a couple of weeks away, let’s recap what we’ve discussed so far about the business of both making alcohol and serving it cheerfully to the public.

2015 winter pint glass

Put an RVA on it: Things that are on sale in our shop

Out with the old, in with the new! This merch has gotta go if you want us to restock on the new stuff for the holidays!

sculpture under the highway public art

Public Art Master Plan community meeting tonight!

You know when a thing happens and everyone’s like “WELL, NOBODY ASKED ME!” This is one of those opportunities for you to be asked and have your answer be heard re: public art in our city!

bus stop

Nicholas Smith on the state of transportation in RVA

RVA Rapid Transit and the Partnership for Smarter Growth have hired a new Community Outreach Director, and he is here to tell us more about himself, how he got into transportation, and how we can think about it a little differently than maybe we have been doing.