Fall of Richmond Commemoration & Emancipation Day Event Guide

Richmond fell 150 years ago to the Union Army, and it seems a little like we woke up the next day and immediately started planning for this huge event. It’s a whopper, with tons of stuff to do and things to learn for the whole family.


John Lennon’s art makes a visit to Richmond

First the Big Bike Race™ pledged a visit, now Bag One Arts—Yoko Ono’s collection of John Lennon’s artworks. Are…are we the coolest city in school? This incredible exhibit comes to Chasen Galleries in May.


UPDATE: We officially have 2 state songs!

QUICK, someone! Do a mashup!


Whatever you think about meat, think a lot harder

Earth Day fast approaches, and there are big changes you can make to help out your home planet beyond being a champion recycler. Josiah Lockhart clues us into the worthwhile but daunting rebellion of sustainable meat farmers.


RVA Hackathon: Get ready to hack, 2015-style

2015 wasn’t just the year that Periscope broke the internet (near future), it’s the year from Back to the Future Part II. So this year’s RVA Hackathon swears it will be just as awesome.


TIP! Kids get a sweet deal at the Symphony

Change a kid’s life…for free!


Happy Weekend, RVA: Hope you like crowds!

There’s one trillion people in between you and your favorite brunch spot this weekend. Best of luck to you!


March Festivals

March is like the preview for Festival Season—spring things starting to pop up and St. Patrick’s Day rolling through our lives. This March will come in like a lion and go out like a really tired lion.


Phase I of city’s new recycling initiative complete!

If you were one of the chosen blocks that got the shiny new carts as part of Phase I of the city’s new alley pickup recycling program, well, then, the rest of us are jealous of you.


TIPS!: For a better 10k

10 tips for your 10ks!