5 Things

We’ve got your dance card booked for this weekend, and it looks something like this: businesslike revelry, music hall celebrations, genre-shattering violinists, classic Southern theatre, and A DANG RODEO. You’re welcome!


5 Things

Holy smokes! When did it become April? And we’re, like, midway through! That must be why there are so many awesome things to do. Try to come back NOW, winter!


5 Things

Much crafting and craft beers and craft, uh…street performing, dancing, and folk music? This weekend is crafty, and it’s just my type!


5 Things

Oh, it’s big this weekend. REALLY big. Between the French Film Festival and some 10k race or other, you’ll have plenty to do. But we recommend finding time for the ballet, crooning, and art as well.


Meet Jesse Lyon and the Richmond Ballet’s New Works Festival

The Wonderful Story of Jesse Lyon, Richmond Ballet’s newest dancer, who is here from France to charm his way into your heart.


5 Things

If only a certain weather pattern who shall not be named will actually go the way that winter is supposed to go this late in March. But enough about seasonal affective disorder, you can watch, run, eat, drink, watch, and listen enough this weekend to get you through the worst of it.


5 Things

Russian ballet, crafty craftersons, a dome-blowing digital dome theatre, green beers, and basketball. It’s March, people. Get into it!


5 Things

A quick break from festivals this weekend, unless you count the ongoing, nail-biting festival that is college basketball, or the buffet of tiny festivals that is First Fridays. Or the festival of creativity that is local theatre. Now the word “festival” looks weird.


5 Things

A 5 Things haiku: Sometimes there are sports / Sometimes there are conferences / But always: improv.


5 Things

Guys, the winter. IT MIGHT BE FINISHED?! But let’s be honest, we all say that every week. This weekend isn’t being TOO hopeful, bringing you lots of indoor theater, music, movies, and copious drinking. Spring can take its time, maybe.