May Festivals: Strawberry Fields Festival

May expands with great elasticity to hold a million festivals. Remember winter? Me neither.


TIP! Get that thing off you correctly and right this minute

Barf, double barf, and triple barf. Ticks are revolting.


What does 450,000 mean?: UCI weighs in on their oft-misunderstood figure

Many of us have been envisioning a half million visitors to our city, which has a population of about half that. The truth is…out there somewhere. And, while still impressive, the number is much smaller than we anticipate.


5 Things: RVA jams, soccer, cookies, books, parties, and humorous improv

It feels like yesterday that we were all “SPRING MUST COME ONE DAY, RIGHT?” and now we’re all “I PERSPIRE FROM EVERY PORE. SUMMER IS ON THE HORIZON.” Thus, there are some things to do this weekend—the most wonderful weekend of all.


TIP! Lock your laces

Never not talking about tying shoes.


Let’s get metaphysical: Why we need Metaphysical Circus Press

A new addition to the sometimes overlooked RVA literary industry.


Q&A with Paige Mudd, the newest editor of the Times-Dispatch

We sit down with the Times-Dispatch’s next editor to talk shop, get an inside perspective on the paper’s evolution over the years, and attempt to predict the future.


TIP! Espresso soda and life-chats

A nice way to spend a Fan dusk between dinner and a movie.


TIP! Get that shiny grill

How are you going to have us all over for al fresco meals if you have a dirty grill?


RVANews Live #003: Bikes and Trucks

RVANews Live returns! This time we talk Big Bike Race™ and How a City Works. Get your tickets now.