TIP! Beer glasses!

You’ve got to keep your beer glass slippery, did you know that?


Where technology and domestic violence intersect

The foundation created after UVA student Yeardley Love was murdered by an ex-boyfriend is creating a new app to get the word out about relationship violence and provide resources to victims. How has this kind of technology changed the landscape for both victims and abusers?


TIP! The best smoothies ’n’ juice around

It’s like health in a cup. And if you get enough cups, you can get more health for less!


August Festivals

You might think it’s too hot for festivals, but, as happens to all of us from time to time, you’re wrong. There are SO MANY festivals, from Dragon Boats to watermelons to beer, because Richmonders do not squander a summer.


TIP! Make your own bug spray

It smells better, it’s better for you, and the bugs just adore it! I mean…the opposite of that.

GRTC pulse logo

Information and community input opportunities for BRT/Pulse

A million (maybe literally) pages of information for you now exist, as a bunch of reports just became available. Also, there’s a meeting tomorrow night that you should go to, if you find yourself spending at least half your waking moments arguing with someone for/against bus rapid transit in Richmond.


10 x 10 Week 9: My Kid Could Make That (with Angela M.D. Allen and Marita Allen)

Art with your kids. Like, actually WITH your kids. Thanks to Angela M.D. Allen and her daughter, Marita.


TIP! Yet more cheap pizza

The finest food for the finest price! That’s you, pizza!


Happy Weekend, RVA: Threat level—low

We have finished our journey down Tipsy River and will resume regularly scheduled programming next week. It’s all Shockoe Stadium, BRT, and monuments from here out, guys! Just kidding!


UPDATE: See the Elephant metaphysical literary magazine available!

Metaphysical Circus Press would love for you to check out the first edition of their literary magazine, and we would love for you to reread this piece about them, because they are neat.