dogs poker

5 Things: Dogs, second lines, soccer, 1990s R&B, sustainable fun, and a jamboree

Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still we can’t let this summer go. It’s unnatural, we belong to it, and it belongs to us.


Good Morning, RVA: Feelings and frustration

Yesterday sure did blow, but maybe today will be a lot better.


TIP! Recycling Perks are a real thing

You can get free stuff from all over town just by making the ultimate sacrifice and putting some trash in cans and other trash in other cans.


Making the most of cycling fever: More fever!

There are more things you need to know about how to celebrate cyclelife (which is what the kids are probably calling it) during the next month in bike-race-related-but-not-necessarily-bike-race-affiliated things.


Good Morning, RVA: Feel the power

It’s a new day, stocks are going up and down, civil wars are ending, the world keeps on spinning.


TIP! Yes, State Fair tickets. Yes, now!

Get ’em now, and use this time for fasting, saving your money, and practicing anti-nausea mindfulness techniques.


The full glory of the Capital Trail is soon to be ours

We did it. We finally did it. That thing is about to open for real, and you’re about to figure out why it’s been such a huge deal.


Good Morning, RVA: Cool medals

A localish man is a hero in France, stocks did things, pandas did other things, and some teens don’t get why they shouldn’t joke about sexual violence. It’s Tuesday!


TIP! Let the VCU robots keep you in the loop

Text alerts are the way to go, fellow cavepeople.


What does 450,000 mean?: UCI weighs in on their oft-misunderstood figure

Many of us have been envisioning a half million visitors to our city, which has a population of about half that. The truth is…out there somewhere. And, while still impressive, the number is much smaller than we anticipate.