RVANews Live #002: Your Favorite Things

The in-person version of your favorite site (assuming that your favorite site is this one) returns on Wednesday, March 4th to discuss food, music, and movies. Here’s who’s involved and some gentle encouragement to buy tix!


Happy Weekend, RVA: Slow thaw

What is this warmth? Is this the sun? No, it is not, it is the feeling of joy that there are too many things to do this weekend. Time to get up and at ‘em.


10 Things

There were simply too many things this weekend. I have failed in my duty to narrow it down for you. Picture me as a robot with all of my springs coming from my head and saying “Too much fun, too much fun” over and over.


Black History Month: The Little Colonel

Finish up Black History Month with a free screening of a groundbreaking movie from 1933, starring Richmond’s own Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.


March Festivals

March is like the preview for Festival Season—spring things starting to pop up and St. Patrick’s Day rolling through our lives. This March will come in like a lion and go out like a really tired lion.

New police chief’s plan for “taking RPD to next level”

OK that’s potentially terrifying rhetoric, as, depending on your paranoia level, “next level” could mean “Storm Troopers” to you. But Chief Alfred Durham is focusing on integrity, community engagement, customer satisfaction, and the like. His plan is worth a read.


Black History Month: Celebrating through cider

In one of the most exciting ways we’ve seen to celebrate Black History Month, Blue Bee Cider presents “Cider in Black History.”


The 2015 Mozart Festival: This is what you’re doing on Sunday

Classical music can—and WILL, dang it—be cool again. For the second year running, Classical Revolution is taking over Carytown to bring you the magic of Mozart. And it’s free!


RVA’s 1977 revolution: The first-ever African-American-led City Council

In 1977, Richmond City Council had its first non-white majority. That was a majorly historic moment that marked a national turning point in the way city government represented citizens. Come to a free party to mark the occasion as Black History Month comes to a close.


Black History Month: James Brown’s cultural pride

A great way to celebrate a distinctive culture and an inspired musician, Say It Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud is all things James Brown in one lively event.