Day #020: Build a stronger culture of inclusivity for individuals with disabilities

Where can someone in a wheelchair get coffee or a beer at a bar without the fear of getting elbowed in the head?


Day #019: Strengthen RVA’s identity as a three-university town

Cross-town rec sports rivalries and collaborative concerts could be a fun way to strengthen bonds between Richmond’s three great universities.


Day #018: Free and unlimited parking for hybrids and electric cars

Forget the repealed state alternative fuel registration fee, Richmond should incentivize hybrids and electric cars.


Day #017: A fee for calling the police for a noise complaint

Some services shouldn’t be entirely tax payer funded.


Day #016: Tap into the economic power of immigration

The strongest case for Richmond embracing immigrants and refugees: economics.


Day #015: Stop building futon buildings

What are we doing to encourage development worthy of future generations?


Day #014: Richmond alerts

Almost 25% of the city is signed up for VCU alerts. It’s time to build an RVA-wide system.


Day #013: Better access to drinking water

Access to public drinking water is inadequate in Richmond, and everyone from the homeless to runners suffers.


Day #012: Auction off on-street parking

Parking predictability has a monetary value–it’s time for the city to sell it.


Day #011: Smart parking meters

Should a lawyer have to move her car every two hours if she’s willing to pay the city $20 per day for front row, on-street parking?