JeQuan Lewis

VCU: Halfway to Brooklyn

No one wants to jinx anything over here, but…WE ARE DOING PRETTY DANG WELL IN THIS CONFERENCE.

JeQuan Lewis

JeQuan Lewis: Playing his tempo

Spoiler: his tempo is best described as “frigging fast.”

Havoc lives here

The golden age of VCU and UR basketball

The “cross-town rivalry” didn’t get any less tense at the Robins Center this weekend, and Aaron Williams can’t wait for the plot to continue to thicken.


What to expect: Not your older sibling’s Spiders vs. Rams

Things have changed for both teams. And when they come together this Saturday, we’ll see a whole new battle.


Five stats from VCU’s dismantling of Fordham

Numbers 1-5 will explode your brain into tiny, quivering pieces!


Threat Level HAVOC!: The conference play ahead of us

What you’re likely to see as the Rams move through their conference schedule, and a nice breakdown of all their evil opponents.


VCU: Highlights and resolutions

It’s the end of December, which means it’s time to look both backward and forward and get introspective about VCU basketball. 2015 was easily the most consequential year for VCU since 2011.


VCU: A case for optimism

Hope for VCU fans, because that’s all they want for Christmas, and Aaron Williams is a generous guy.


HAVOC! doesn’t live in Austin…or anywhere else?

HAVOC! definitely doesn’t live in Austin. But after Tuesday, it’s worth asking if HAVOC! lives anywhere right now.

Melvin johnson

VCU: The pivot from giant killer to business as usual

VCU is in the midst of a three game stretch against teams from “power conferences”. The Rams have thrived as “giant killers”, but now they must pivot to sustained success against the nation’s best.