Day #046: Inform with comedy

Does the government have an obligation to portray itself super-seriously or to communicate as effectively as possible?


Day #045: It’s time to get serious about cigarette butts.

Why do people who wouldn’t dare throw a banana peel on the ground do so with cigarette butts?


Day #044: Taxes, tips, and the benefit of using cash

How 3%-4% adds up to $300-$400 of customers’ money, plus a whole lot of inconvenience.


Day #043: A low-tech and a high-tech way to improve renting

Could we apply the Uber model to renting apartments and houses?


Day #042: The Idaho Stop

In certain situations, cyclists should be allowed to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs.


Day #041: A hotel, anchors, and a Richmond Walk of Fame in Carytown

What makes Carytown one of Richmond’s greatest places? What could make it better?


Day #040: Serious student discounts at museums

Experience is the backbone of education. More dramatic two-part pricing could attract a different audience while furthering the mission of Richmond’s museums. 


Day #039: Pre-sorting trash, and landfill mining and reclamation

Turning today’s trash into the future’s treasure.


LC Bird SG Kenny Williams III commits to VCU

Kenny Williams is the sixth ESPN top-100 recruit to sign with Coach Smart and the first big local product since Jordan Burgess.


Day #039: Introduce “cop cams”

“Cop cams” decrease public complaints and use of police force while increasing transparency.